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Zero Emission Vehicles & Infrastructure

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Zero Emission Vehicles & Infrastructure


In September 2022, Executive Order 22: Leading by Example: Directing State Agencies to Adopt a Sustainability and Decarbonization Program, established that the light-duty and medium- and heavy-duty State fleet vehicles will be comprised of entirely zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) by 2035 and 2040, respectively. The OGS Resiliency and Sustainability (R&S) team is mandated with carrying out this fleet transition. To support this transition, the R&S team is leading an interagency ZEV conversion working group, creating a handbook, exploring interagency partnerships to further EV infrastructure buildout, and meeting one-on-one with agencies to guide their planning. R&S will work with agencies, OGS Design & Construction, NYSERDA, and NYPA to identify the EV infrastructure needed to support their fleets and install chargers at priority facilities.

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure for Agencies
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Develop a plan to transition your agency's light duty fleet to 100% zero emission vehicles by 2035.

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