All vehicle and highway equipment auctions are now online!

Beginning May 1, 2024, all surplus vehicle and highway equipment will be added to the government surplus items already being sold on the GovDeals State of New York auction marketplace.

Potential bidders will no longer be required to show up in person at an auction site to bid on a vehicle.

Visitors to the online auction marketplace are required to preregister here before they can start bidding on surplus items. Registration is free.

How to bid:

  1. Register
  2. Browse & Bid

The GovDeals State of New York auction marketplace site inventory changes daily. It features a wide range of state surplus items, including office supplies and furniture, lockers, technology, storage cabinets, electrical tools, power equipment, and plumbing and electrical supplies.

Auction terms and conditions, including terms for inspections, payment, and removal, are found on the GovDeals website. Opportunities to inspect the vehicles being auctioned will be available by appointment, with inspection details provided in individual postings on GovDeals. An 8 percent buyer premium will be added to the final auction price; this represents a reduction from the 13 percent buyer premium previously added at live, in-person auctions. Vehicle titles will be processed and mailed by the OGS State Surplus Program, and keys, if available, will be provided at the time of pickup.