Through the Years: 2010s

OGS takes another step toward the tech age and installs Wi-Fi at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center, providing an inexpensive and efficient way to deliver high-speed internet access to clients. 

OGS employee installs WiFi in the Convention Center.
Installation of Convention Center Wi-Fi, 2010.


Commissioner Egan retires. Acting Commissioner Carla Chiaro temporarily leads OGS.


April 2011

Governor Cuomo appoints the Sage Commission, a team tasked with identifying changes to make state government more modern, accountable, and efficient. 


May 2011

RoAnn Destito is unanimously confirmed as OGS Commissioner. She is the first woman to hold the position.

Commission RoAnn Destito is sworn in by Governor Cuomo.
RoAnn Destito is sworn in as OGS Commissioner, 2011.

January 2012

Major restoration projects at the Capitol are completed years ahead of schedule and under budget.

Governor Andrew Cuomo inspects the Capitol restoration.
Governor Andrew Cuomo inspects the roof restoration, 2012.


OGS creates the Business Services Center (BSC) to manage common human resources and financial transactions on behalf of state agencies, improving timeliness, accuracy, and cost per transaction. 

Business Services Center

Birthday cake for the BSC.
Happy Birthday Business Services Center, 2012.

April 2012

Governor Cuomo directs OGS to develop a statewide fleet management system, and the agency finds nearly 500 vehicles to sell to reduce excess inventory. The vehicles are sold through NYSStore for a $2 million profit.



August 2013

New York State reaches an agreement with Microsoft for statewide implementation of Office365, a single operating platform that provides consolidated email systems, access to familiar Office applications, and shared calendaring in a cloud-based system. Prior to this agreement, there were more than 27 different email, word and data processing systems in use at state agencies. 



OGS assumes New York Network's operations from SUNY and expands its capabilities, coming full circle from its beginnings. It is renamed the New York State Media Services Center.

Digital & Media Services Center

Inside the Media Services Center in 2014.
Media Services Center, 2020.


Events and exhibits commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Empire State Plaza.

Plaza at 50


Exhibit celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Empire State Plaza.
Part of the Plaza at 50 exhibition at the New York State Museum, 2015.


For the first time ever, the Pride flag flies over the New York State Capitol.

The Pride Flag flies over the state capitol in 2019.
The Pride flag is hoisted over the Capitol, 2019.



OGS teams contribute to New York State's unprecedented response to the COVID-19 pandemic. To continue serving New Yorkers in a changing world, OGS launches Virtual Visits and Outdoor Tours at the Empire State Plaza to support of social distancing and staying connected.

Virtual Visits



OGS turns 60!