Through the Years: 2000s

A major restoration project begins at the Capitol in Albany.


September 2001

OGS joins September 11th Emergency Response under the direction of Governor Pataki. OGS personnel joined other agencies in staffing the State Emergency Management Office bunker in Albany. Additionally, the agency helped to increase security at state buildings; redirect trucks, drivers, and services that could help in the rescue and relief effort; expedite procurement procedures to provide immediate access to emergency equipment; and relocate employees in New York City. 



Kenneth Ringler is appointed OGS commissioner.



The New York State World War II Memorial is dedicated at the Empire State Plaza.

World War II Memorial

WWII Memorial
WWII Memorial


Daniel Hogan is appointed OGS commissioner.


2006 - 2007

John J. Spano and Robert J. Fleury each serve as Acting Commissioner.



John Egan returns as OGS commissioner.

John Egan Returns to OGS as commissioner, 2007.


The OGS website gets a makeover to help users locate essential state services more efficiently. 

Screenshot of the OGS website in 2009.
OGS website, 2009.