Through the Years: 1970s
The 1970s

The Poughkeepsie State Office Building (later known as Roosevelt State Office Building) is completed.

Eleanor Roosevelt State Office Building


October 1971

The Swan Street Building at the South Mall opens for business. 

Swan Street Building, 1971.
Swan Street Building, 1971.



General Schuyler retires and A.C. O’Hara is appointed commissioner of OGS. 



The Utica State Office Building is completed.

utica state office building


Utica State Office Building, 1971.
Utica State Office Building, 1971.

January 1972

The Legislative Office Building opens for business at the South Mall. 



The Watertown State Office Building is completed. 

dulles state office building



The World Trade Center is completed in New York City, making the North and South Towers the second- and third-tallest buildings in the world. OGS is responsible for making tenancy arrangements at the WTC for more than 40 state agencies. 


June 1973

After changing headquarters many times over, OGS moves to Corning Tower at the South Mall, where many of its employees still work in 2020. 

South Mall with Office Tower, 1973.
South Mall and Office Tower, 1973.


November 1973

Governor Rockefeller formally rechristens the South Mall as the Empire State Plaza and unveils a stone inscribed with the names of those instrumental in its development. Although the massive complex is not yet complete, agencies are already moving in.

Governor Rockefeller at the South Mall
Governor Rockefeller at the Empire State Plaza Groundbreaking, 1973.



The Binghamton State Office Building is completed. 

Binghamton state office building

Binghamton State Office Building in 1973.
Binghamton State Office Building, 1973.

1973 & 1975

OGS acquires federal surplus food and property distribution responsibility from the U.S. Department of Education. 


May 1974

The new State Office Building in Harlem is dedicated. OGS oversees construction of the building and its outdoor plaza. In 1983, it is rededicated as the Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. State Office Building to honor the first African-American from New York elected to Congress.

Adam clayton powell, jr. state office building


October 1974

Governor Wilson dedicates the new State Office Building at Hauppauge in Suffolk County, the fifth office building to be opened in the 1970s.

Perry b. duryea state office building

Governor Wilson dedicates the Hauppauge State Office Building in 1974.
Governor Wilson dedicates the Hauppauge State Office Building, 1974.

January 1975

OGS coordinates inauguration of Hugh Carey, including hiring the Northeast Weather Services for $100 to provide special forecast reports updated every four hours on the day of the event.


September 1975

Commissioner O’Hara retires and James O’Shea is appointed OGS Commissioner.


 July 1976

The New York State Museum opens on the Empire State Plaza during a four-day bicentennial celebration that welcomes 100,000 visitors to Albany.

Corning Tower lit with 76 for the Bicentennial.
Corning Tower lit for the Bicentennial, 1976.


May 1978

The Egg opens for business, marking the end of construction on the Empire State Plaza.

The Egg under construction in 1973.
The Egg under construction, 1973.

October 1978

The Empire State Plaza is renamed the “Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza” as tribute to New York’s long-serving governor, and, by this time, former vice president of the United States. At the ceremony, just a few months before his death, Rockefeller said to the crowd, "This is the most beautiful capital in the world."

visit the empire state plaza

Vice President Rockefeller at the Empire State Plaza dedication, 1978.
Governor Rockefeller at the Empire State Plaza dedication, 1978.


Curatorial Services is established under OGS with guidance from Albany Institute of History and Art.


The Minority Business Enterprise program is established under OGS.

Learn more about mwbe


1979 – 1980

OGS assists with the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, designing and constructing new venues, procuring special equipment, and addressing logistical challenges.

Governor Carey at the Lake Placid Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony, 1980.
The Lake Placid Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony, 1980.