View of water screening machinery at the Hudson Riverfront Pumping Station.

Screen Upgrade at the Riverfront Pump Station

Screen Upgrade at the Riverfront Pumping Station
NYS Office of General Services Design & Construction
Protecting Critical Hudson River Habitat & Wildlife

20 years in the making, the Wedgewire Screen Upgrade project at the NYS Office of General Services Hudson River Pumping Station was one of the most complicated projects ever constructed by OGS Design & Construction.

OGS draws water from the Hudson River to provide cooling to the Empire State Plaza. To comply with environmental regulations, OGS had to install screens at the intake to protect fish and larvae.

Studies have shown that we have long, skinny fish in this part of the Hudson, including endangered Atlantic and Shortnose Sturgeon requiring screens with a .75 mm slot size which is about the size of a tip of a pen.

The project required underwater investigation, dredging, and the installation of piles to support and protect two large manifolds placed at the intakes. Construction required the use of divers, barges, a crawler similar to what is used to transport the space shuttle, and a 400-ton crane barge.

Work had to be completed between August and mid-December to ensure the protection of the fish and their habitats. 


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