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Using RSA SecurID

Find out how to request a software or hardware token and troubleshoot common problems.
Using RSA SecurID
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This guide presents step-by-step instructions for how to request, activate, and use an RSA SecurID Software or Hardware token.
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What is RSA SecurID?

RSA SecurID is another layer of security for your account. It helps to protect NYS critical information and is an industry-standard tool. The RSA SecurID Token Passcode changes every 60 seconds. 


What does that mean for me? 

It means that you will need more than just a username and password to access your account on a non-State network. 


When do I use RSA SecurID?

RSA SecurID is used when you are logging into your Office 365 account (or other State web applications) from a personal device or on a non-State network. You must have your iPhone or Hardware Token with you to get an RSA SecurID Token passcode.


Examples for when to use RSA SecurID
Where am I using Office 365? Do I need to use RSA SecurID?

From my State-issued iPhone using the default mail application on any network.


From my State desktop computer on a State network connection.


From my State-issued Laptop on a State network connection.


From my personal cellphone or tablet.

Yes. You must use RSA SecurID to log in.

From my personal computer.

Yes. You must use RSA SecurID to log in.

From my State-issued laptop on a non-State network connection (i.e. public or home wifi) 

Maybe. RSA or single sign-on might be needed to log in the first time, but may periodically work without re-authenticating. 

From a public computer or tablet (i.e. Hotel courtesy business center computer) 

Yes. You must use RSA SecurID to log in.


What are the types of tokens?

ITS provides two types of tokens for you to choose from (you only need one):

  1. Software Token (recommended)
    • A Software Token is an application on your mobile device that generates Passcodes. 

  2. Hardware Token
    • A Hardware Token is a physical device that generates Passcodes. They are only needed if you do not have a State-issued phone.