View of OGS office space under construction.

Tenant Representatives

Submit a Work Order

Log into the OGS Building Management Tenant Request Portal to submit a work order for building repairs or maintenance. Common examples of tenant requests include:

  • Patching walls, adjusting doors
  • Lock repairs
  • Electrical (receptacle) repairs
  • Restroom and cleaning supplies
  • Indoor temperature complaints
  • Light bulb changes


Tenant Request Login

ID Card Management

Log into the OGS Security ID Request Application to manage changes on behalf of your agency:


ID Card Management Login



Tenant Alteration Requests

Tenant space alteration projects include all work that alters space owned or leased by NYS agencies. A tenant space alteration project generally involves the altering of workstation layouts, the location of walls and/or paths or ingress/egress; and requires space planning services, development of construction documents and a building permit. 


initiate a tenant alteration request





Request a Lease Expense Audit

The OGS Lease Audit Unit acts on behalf of the tenant agencies to exercise some control over reimbursements to landlords. The Lease Audit Unit will ensure that landlords are reimbursed in accordance with the lease document. Learn more about the process and how to request an audit:


Request a Lease Expense Audit