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Tenant Alteration Requests

What is a tenant alteration?

Tenant space alteration projects include all work that alters space owned or leased by New York State agencies. A Tenant Space Alteration project generally involves the altering of workstation layouts, the location of walls and/or paths of ingress/egress; and requires space planning services, development of construction documents, and a building permit. Common examples include: 

  • Request for space in a new location or increase/decrease of space in an existing location.
  • Change in usage of existing rooms (i.e. converting an enclave to an office, etc.). 
  • Reconfiguration of doors, interior walls, and windows.
  • Reconfiguration of workstations.
  • Increase or decrease in the number of workstations.
  • Construction/reconfiguration of additional offices or conference rooms. 
  • Electrical modifications (lighting, receptacles, etc.). 
  • Paint and carpet. 
  • Plumbing fixture changes. 
  • Tenant security system modifications. 
  • Request Fair and Reasonable review. 

The Tenant Alteration Process

The New York State Office of General Services is committed to providing our tenant agencies with the best possible customer service. Consistent with New York State's Lean Management philosophy, the tenant space alteration project lifecycle creates both cost and time savings. Download the Guide to Tenant Space Alteration Requests to learn more. 

Initiate a Tenant Alteration

To initiate a tenant space alteration project, the agency must complete and submit the Tenant Alteration Request (TAR 101) form. Only an authorized agency contact can initiate a project. When a project is requested, the client agent is only authorizing OGS to proceed with the initial project scoping and space planning phase. Get started by downloading the TAR 101. 

Project Performance

The Office of General Services is committed to providing unparalleled customer service, along with ensuring that our clients and the public benefits from our outstanding performance. Your opinion regarding the quality of our service in executing your space alteration project is invaluable to us. To assist in measuring our performance, at the conclusion of your tenant space alteration project, please complete and return the Project Performance Questionnaire. 

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