Our Mission

OGS provides lease expense review services to agencies that occupy OGS-negotiated leased space. The services are rendered by experienced OGS lease audit professionals. Our history shows that lease expense reviews help avoid excess payments. 

Why Audit?

The OGS Lease Audit Unit acts on behalf of the tenant agencies to exercise some control over reimbursements to landlords. The Lease Audit Unit will ensure that landlords are reimbursed in accordance with the lease document. As a result, the Lease Audit Unit may identify: 

  • Accounting errors;
  • Incorrect billings; and
  • Cost savings for the agency. 

What We Do

The Lease Audit Unit will: 

  • Review landlord invoices for operating expenses, real estate taxes, and other pass-through charges. 
  • Request supporting documentation (such as general ledgers and invoices) from the landlord and examine to identify charges that are not compliant with the specific lease document. 

The Process

  • A request is made to the OGS Lease Audit Unit by an agency for a review of a landlord invoice. 
  • A preliminary review of the landlord invoice is conducted and the risk of misstatement is assessed. 
  • A review is initiated. OGS requests the landlord's records and supporting documentation. 
  • Review findings are documented and sent to the landlord for examination and agreement. 
  • A final determination letter is issued from OGS to the requesting agency explaining the audit findings and financial impact if any.