View of NYS field of grass and trees.

Land Management

Managing real property disposal, land records, and lands underwater.


The OGS State Asset and Land Management manages the state’s real estate interests, disposes of state real property, maintains state land records, and balances private and Public Trust interests in lands underwater.

Our services include: 

  • Provide real estate services for other State agencies and authorities.
  • Manage the use of state-owned lands under water.
  • Make ownership and boundary line determinations for state-owned lands.
  • Coordinate and respond to state or public inquiries.
  • Manage and maintain real property records and archival materials.

Land Management Services

Land Management History

The origins of management for New York State's publicly-owned lands predate statehood. In 1642, the Dutch West India Company created the Surveyor General's Office for surveying and mapping lands colonized by the corporation. In 1784, after America gained its independence and New York officially became a state, the state Commissioners of the Land Office was created. 


1848: Appointment of the state engineer and surveyor. 

1927: Secretary of State given powers of the Commissioners of the Land Office, creating the Land Board. 

1951: Creation of the Division of Land Office within the Department of State. 

1960: All functions and powers of the Secretary of State pertaining to state lands were transferred to OGS. 


The Historic Maps of New York State exhibit features highlights of the historic map collection maintained by the New York State Office of General Services Bureau of Land Management. The collection includes approximately 800 maps that date from the 1600s to the late 1800s and tell the story of how New York State-owned lands were developed over the course of those three centuries.