State Contract Award Notices - Commodities

Safety Equipment & Products for Transportation
& Public Works – Comprehensive Crash Mitigation
(including Attenuators, Barricades, Bridge Rail,
Crash Cushions & Guide Rail)

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{Updated / Revised}

Contract Period:  December 23, 2014 - September 30, 2018

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Group:   38650        Award:   22734    
                                   (Replaces Awards 20673, 21253)

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Use of Contracts:   All State Agencies and Political Subdivisions

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Contact Person:   Brandy Alden
Telephone:  (518) 408-1140     Fax:  (518) 486-6867

Customer Service

Contract Issued:   December 22, 2014
Contract Updated:  August 22, 2018
These awards provide Authorized Users with a means of acquiring equipment, associated accessories, parts and products manufactured and sold in the transportation, traffic and public safety industries. Products covered under this procurement include but are not limited to those designed for road and highway guidance, situational redirection and crash mitigation, such as Attenuators, Barricades, Bridge Rail, and Crash Cushions & Guide Rail.

Installation is not a part of this contract. Authorized Users are responsible for providing or procuring set up and/or installation of equipment purchased as needed.

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