State Contract Award Notices - Commodities

Radar, Lidar Parts And Accessories
Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA)

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{Updated / Revised}

Contract Period:  May 09, 2014 thru October 30, 2019

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Group:   38207        Award:   PGB-22804    
                                            (Replaces 21210)

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Use of Contracts:   All State Agencies and Political Subdivisions

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Contact Person:   Brad DeForge
Telephone:  (518) 473-3876  

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Contract Issued:   May 09, 2014
Contract Updated:  February 19, 2019

Customer Service

The Radar, Lidar Parts and Accessories contract(s) is intended to provide a procurement mechanism for State and Non-State Agencies to procure Radar, Lidar Parts and Accessories. Additionally, this contract may be utilized by political subdivisions, school districts and others authorized by law, as set forth in Section 3.8 “Pricing Information."

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