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Purchase Orders
(with the exception of PBX Installations and IT Services contracts)

Unless otherwise authorized in writing by the Commissioner, no Products are to be delivered or furnished by Contractor until transmittal of an official Purchase Order from the Authorized User requiring the Product. Unless terminated or canceled pursuant to the authority vested in the Commissioner, Purchase Orders shall be effective and binding upon the Contractor when placed in the mail or electronically transmitted prior to the termination of the contract period, addressed to the Contractor at the address set forth in the Contract for receipt of orders, or in the Contract Award Notification.

All Purchase Orders issued pursuant to contracts let by the Commissioner must bear the appropriate contract number and, if necessary, required State approvals. Unless otherwise specified, all Purchase Orders against centralized contracts will be placed by Authorized Users directly with the Contractor and any discrepancy between the terms stated on the vendor's order form, confirmation or acknowledgment, and the contract terms shall be resolved in favor of the terms most favorable to the Authorized User. For most contracts, orders can be placed with both the manufacturer and with the resellers. However, in a few cases, orders must be placed either directly with the manufacturer or only with a reseller. contact the manufacturer if you are not sure for a particular contract.