Vehicle Dealers

How to Get on Contract

If your vehicle dealership is interested in being a part of the NYS Vehicle Marketplace, you must be on contract. OGS is currently accepting bids for NYS Vehicle Marketplace contracts under OGS Solicitation 23166.


Where to Find Mini-Bids & How to Respond
  1. All mini-bids under this award will be posted on the eProcurement platform for the Vehicle Marketplace. Vehicle requests can be viewed on the OGS public profile page.  
  2. Dealerships under contract may respond to a mini-bid request within the platform. 
  3. For a mini-bid request that specifies that it will be a lease, only those contractors that are approved by OGS to offer leasing may respond. 
  4. After the mini-bid response due date, the buyer will receive an email with a link to the results. The buyer will then evaluate the responses and determine if they are going to award the mini-bid or not. 
  5. Once the buyer has made their decision, they will notify all the dealers on contract who responded using the platform’s notification system.
  6. If awarded, the buyer will coordinate payment and delivery with you. 

For complete instructions on how to navigate the platform, please download the Vehicle Dealer Instructions document.