Tentative Award Updates

The time between when the bid solicitation is opened and the contract is awarded is when Procurement Services issues tentative award updates. In addition to getting email notices through the New York State Contract Reporter, you can find these updates posted below. Make sure to also visit our bid calendar to see when bid openings will be and a description of the procurement, as well as our bid opening results page to see what we received. 

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact the Procurement Services at [email protected] or call (518) 474-6717 today.


Tentative Award Updates
Pharmaceuticals (Individual Prescriptions), (Statewide and Regional) 23241 2021-06-17
Electrical Switchgear Testing and Maintenance at Downstate Facilities (OGS-DFS) (IFB 2165) 2165 Canceled
Milling Services at Hudson Valley Transportation Management Center, Hawthorne, NY (OGS-DFS) (RFQ 2361) 2361 Canceled
Building 17 Power Plant Equipment Maintenance, Testing, and Repair at the W. Averill Harriman State Office Campus (OGS-DFS) (RFP 2280) — Cancellation of Solicitation 2280 TBD
Information Technology Manufacturer-Based Umbrella – Status of Bid Evaluation 22802 2017-10-10


As a reminder, all state agencies are required to post bid opportunities on the New York State Contract Reporter. Make sure to sign up today.