Statewide Travel Frequently Asked Questions

Air Travel Services/Travel Agent Services

What are the air travel guidelines?

All airline tickets must be purchased using the contracted State Travel Card or Non-Employee Travel Card (NET). Personal credit cards are not to be used. All airline ticketing must be done through the authorized State Travel Management Services Contractor who will insure that ticketing is done in accordance with this policy. An exception to this contract shall only be made for an emergency; non-contract fare saves over $200 or more per round-trip ticket, and contract flights would require the traveler to incur unnecessary overnight lodging costs.

What are the city pair price agreements and benefits?

City pairs are airfares between two cities (for instance, New York to Buffalo is a city pair). The agreement is comprised of approximately 400 of the most traveled city pairs. One award is made to an airline for each city pair. The city pair contract lists one-way fares, and if an airline ticket is purchased the ticket is changeable and fully refundable. It will also allow for no minimum stay requirements and no advance purchase requirements. These benefits save the state a tremendous amount of money since travelers may change their ticket several times or may not even travel on their business trip. 

What must I do first when I have been approved for travel?

Familiarize yourself with your agency's travel policies. You may be advised to contact the authorized New York State travel management services contractor. The travel agent will be able to book your airfare, rail ticket, vehicle rental, and hotel if required. They will also obtain the lowest New York State contract rate if applicable

Why is it recommended for my organization to use the Air Travel Services Contract?

The buying power of the state is greatly enhanced by centralizing the air travel to just a few contractors. By using the contract, the state saves nearly $16 million per year.

Enforcement of the terms and conditions of the contract guarantees continued interest to bid from the airlines. It is essential that all customers work together to ensure the continuing success of the program, encouraging more competition and potentially greater savings.

What if I want to travel between two cities covered under the NYS Air Travel Services contract but cannot use one of the contracted airlines?

You must use the contract unless one of the following conditions apply:

  • An emergency;
  • Non-contract fare saves $200 or more per round-trip ticket; or
  • Contract flights would require the traveler to incur unnecessary overnight lodging costs.

If you meet the above requirements, an exception form must be completed. The exception form is found in the Air Travel Services Award. Contact your Agency Travel Coordinator or Finance Office for specific procedures as rules vary by agency. For most agencies, this form will need to be completed through your Agency Travel Coordinator and signed by your Agency Finance Officer. A copy of that form must also be sent to the Statewide Travel Coordinator.

What if I want to travel between two cities not covered under the NYS Air Travel Services contract?

You must work with the Authorized Travel Management Services Contractor who will obtain the lowest fare that suits your needs. No exception form is needed in this case.

Can I book an airline ticket on the Internet? Or can I book directly by calling my airline?

No. All reservations and ticketing must be booked through the authorized Travel Management Services Contractor. If you find a low fare on the internet or directly from the airline, check with the authorized Travel Management Services Contractor. In many instances, they will be able to match these fares.

Can I earn my frequent flyer miles for contract airfares?

Yes. You can earn frequent flyer miles when traveling on a contract airfare. However, you cannot choose an airline based upon the frequent flyer program. Participation in a frequent flyer program must not influence employee flight selection that would result in travel from other than the contract air carrier. Also, accrual of frequent flyer benefits is not an acceptable justification for air travel outside of the contract.

What are "matched fares"?

After award, airlines that did not receive the state's contract award may offer matched or lower "state rates." A matched airfare is a rate that is less than or equal to the contract airline fare. It is offered only to state business travelers and not available to the general public. Use of these airfares is NOT a valid exception for travel with other than the contracted airline. When travelers do not use the contract airlines, the contract carrier does not receive the estimated usage upon which the bid price was calculated and may refuse to contract with the state in the future. If you are being offered a matched fare by the Travel Agent Management Services Contractor, please notify the Statewide Travel Coordinator.

Occasionally, I find that there is no contract fare offered to a city to which I am traveling. Why is that?

The state tries diligently to have contracted fares covering frequently traveled routes. The state may not have enough travelers to that city to make it beneficial to have a state fare in that market. If you are finding that no state fare is available to a market you travel to frequently, please advise the Statewide Travel Coordinator of the situation. With sufficient interest, there may be an opportunity to add the market to the contract.

Is the Air Travel Services contract for personal/vacation use?

No, the Air Travel Services contract is to be used solely for state business travel.

What are the payment method options for this contract? Can personal credit cards be used?

All airline tickets must be purchased using the designated State Travel Cards. Employees may not use personal credit cards or other means for reimbursement.

My agency has its own procurement card. Can we use this card for Air Travel Services and Travel Agent Services?

State Agencies cannot use the procurement card for purchasing travel services since they have access to the Travel Card or Non-Employee Travel Card (NET). However, non-state agencies can use the New York statewide contracted procurement card for purchasing travel services.

If a state agency is paying for somebody not employed by the state to travel for agency business, does the airfare for that individual qualify for the Air Travel Services contract rate?

The Air Travel Services contract can be used by all New York State employees of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government including New York State public authorities, boards, and SUNY. Select airlines have also extended the contract pricing to any or all of the following: New York City agencies, members of state boards, procurement councils, government witnesses, prisoners, runaways and wards of the state. Please see the current Air Travel Services contract for complete information detailing the airlines' electives.

Passenger Vehicle Rental

How does the Car Rental Program work?

Through a joint agreement with the National Association of State Purchasing Officials (NASPO), the State has secured discounted contract rates for business use with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental and The Hertz Corporation. The Program/Services Summaries contain the corporate account code that must be provided to reservation agents in order to guarantee the State rates. Enterprise, Hertz and National have provided our users a variety of payment options.

Consider rates, city/airport surcharges and one-way drop fees when determining which contracted rental agency to use.

Note: When renting a car from Enterprise, Hertz or National, be sure to inform them of the State’s corporate account code. This number will give the Enterprise, Hertz or National location you are renting from all the information related to the State’s contract pertaining to rental rates for business use, insurance requirements and other information.

Which Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental locations are included under the State Price Agreements

All locations within the State of New York and locations within the following counties/locations in Connecticut, New Jersey and Vermont: 

Connecticut: Fairfield County: (Branford, Bridgeford, Danbury, Fairfield, Greenwich, Monroe, Norwalk, Ridgefield, Shelton, Stamford, and Stratford locations), Litchfield County: (New Milford location), and New Haven County: (Ansonia, Guilford, Hamden, Milford, New Haven, North Haven, and West Haven locations).

New Jersey:  Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, and Union.

Vermont: Addison, Bennington, Caledonia, Chittenden, Franklin, Lamoille, Orange, Orleans, Rutland, Windham, and Windsor.


price list & services summary


Which Hertz locations are included under the State Price Agreements?

All nationwide locations.

price list
program & services summary


Who can rent and operate vehicles under the State Price Agreements for vehicle rental services?

Any state employee or Authorized User may operate the vehicles. Non-state or non-Authorized User employees may not rent vehicles using these agreements. The primary reason is the liability involved for the person driving the vehicle, the contractor and the State.  Our Price Agreements include full damage and liability insurance coverage and if a person was involved in an accident operating a rental vehicle, and it was discovered that the person was not a state employee or Authorized User employee of the State, the State could ultimately end up being responsible for a non-state employee or non-authorized user accident.

New York State employees or Authorized Users traveling with the renter are allowed to drive the rental vehicle.  All additional drivers must be legally licensed to drive a vehicle and must be an employee of the State of New York or Authorized User. They are not required to complete an additional form, be present at time of rental, or pay an additional fee.

When should I use the Car rental program?  

If you are in one of Enterprise, Hertz or National cities, you are recommended to use this program. If you are in a city and there is no Enterprise, Hertz or National location(s) there, you may use another provider; just remember to use the OGS contracted Visa travel card. The Visa travel card offers insurance for damage to the rental car referred to Collision Damage Waiver insurance (CDW) or Loss Damage Waiver insurance (LDW): if you do not use the Visa travel card when renting from a non-contract supplier OGS recommends you should purchase this type of insurance.

Why do I need a credit card when renting a car?

The car rental companies, nationwide, require this of ALL customers. This is for their protection when renting a car to an individual. However, Enterprise, Hertz or National will provide agencies that have a documented need with agency direct billing accounts. All charges are accumulated and billed to the agency’s account. In this case, a credit card will not be required as Enterprise, Hertz or National has the agency’s account information on file.

Do the price agreements include insurance protections?

Yes. Enterprise, Hertz or National car rental price agreements include Collision Damage Waiver Insurance (CDW) or Loss Damage Waiver Insurance and up to $1M Extended Liability Insurance Coverage

What is the mileage limit under the car rental program?

Unlimited miles, although you must pick up and drop off the car at the same location.

What if I need to drop the car off at a different location?

No additional fees apply for one-way Hertz rentals within 500 miles of the renting location. Hertz charges $125 per rental for all one-way rentals exceeding 500 miles.

For One-Way Rentals within New York State, Enterprise and National Home-City locations will charge the base rate plus city surcharges if applicable, along with an additional $25 drop fee.  For One-Way Rentals Out of State, Enterprise and National Home-City locations will charge the base rate plus city surcharges if applicable, along with an additional $125 drop fee. Reservations should be requested in advance to drop-off at a different location.

May I drive the rental vehicle to Canada?

Authorized Users can drive rental vehicles roundtrip to Canada, but they are not allowed to drive to any other country.  No additional fees (insurances, roadside assistance, etc.) will be charged for these trips.

What is Remote Vehicle/Pick Up and Drop-Off?

For rentals originating in New York State, both Contractors will provide vehicle delivery or rental pick-up service to and from renter’s office or home. The delivery and pick-up shall not require the renter to return to the rental office for any reason. That is, the delivery will allow the renter to complete any necessary paperwork at the point of delivery (office or home) and depart from that location. Enterprise Rent-A-Car/National Car Rental provides vehicle delivery or rental pick-up service to and from renter’s office or home for up to 15 miles one way. The Hertz Corporation provides vehicle delivery or rental pick-up service to and from renter’s office or home for up to 30 miles one way. Additional charges will not apply for this service.

May I pick up the rental vehicle early prior to the day of the actual rental so that charges start the next day?

Yes, the agreements offer Early Pick-Up/After-Hours Drop: For rentals originating in New York State, both Contractors provide early-pick up service at no additional charge to renters on any day prior to the day of actual rental. Renter may pick up vehicle during the final hour of the branch location standard office hours on the day prior to rental day and the charges will start the next day.

Renters are allowed to pick up a rental vehicle at any home-city location within New York State, during the last hour of Contractor’s business day and have the charges start the very next day at 8:00am This holds true for weekend travel also (i.e. Pick up Saturday during last hour of business, charges start Sunday morning at 8:00am).

Most non-airport branch locations within New York State have key drop boxes for after-hours drop off, and airport locations have extended hours (many 24 hours) but no drop box. Renters should call the location to organize after-hours drops: when drops occur after hours, the charges continue until the location opens next day.

Am I allowed to park my personal vehicle at the branch location when renting?

At non-airport locations where available, both Contractors will provide a secure appropriate parking area for the personal vehicle of a minimum of one Authorized User for each vehicle rented for the duration of the rental period at no additional charge when renting from non-airport locations; in lieu of personal vehicle parking, the Contractor shall offer remote vehicle delivery/pick-up as described above, at no cost.

Do I need to be over 25 to rent a Car?

No, the state contract allows drivers 18 and older to rent a vehicle.

Car Rental Confirmation Numbers.

It is recommended that you take the Car Rental Confirmation Number with you when you are going to pick up the rental. This will expedite the rental process.

Please walk around vehicle before departing from rental location.

If there are any marks/scratches/damage on the vehicle please immediately inform the rental agent and have them sign off on it.

I need to rent a car, when should I reserve the rental vehicle and who do I contact to make a reservation?

OGS recommends to reserve vehicles as early as possible – to ensure the best fleet availability, please reserve vehicles 2-3 weeks in advance of planned trips.  Cancel as soon as possible – please be sure to cancel your reservations early should travel plans change.

You can either call Enterprise, Hertz, National, use the rental cars online booking tool, or contact the authorized Travel Agency Services contractor to make the reservation. Both Hertz and Enterprise have New York State reservation booking tool links that can be found on the OGS website at:

hertz online booking tool

enterprise rent-a-car & national car rental online booking tool


Can I purchase Amtrak tickets directly at the station, or must I use an Authorized Travel Agency?

You may purchase Amtrak tickets directly at the station by using your New York State ID to obtain the state government fare. You may also purchase your Amtrak ticket from the Authorized State Travel Management Services contractor; however, they will charge a transaction fee for this transaction.

Can I purchase personal/vacation Amtrak tickets using the state rate?

No. Amtrak state government discount tickets are to be used solely for state business travel.

Does Amtrak provide state discount fares to any of the intermediate stops between Albany and New York (such as Poughkeepsie or Yonkers)?

No. Amtrak only provides the state discount rate between Albany or Hudson Stations and New York Penn Station.

Is the state rate available on the "reserved" trains between Albany and New York?

Yes, except the Lakeshore Limited.

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