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Award #GroupAward TitleTypeKeywords
2325140404Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment and Network Services (Statewide)CommodityEV, ZEV, EVS, charging, charge, CCGI, Chargepoint, Livingston, Flo, electric, Automotive
2331338700Advanced Scientific Equipment and Instruments (Statewide)CommodityLaboratory Equipment, Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System, Automatic Immunoassay System, Auto-Sampler, DNA Sequencer, Gas Chromatograph, High Throughput Analyzer, Hybridization Equipment, Liquid Chromatograph, HPLC, UPLC, Mass Spectrometer, Microscope, Multiplex Bioassay System, Multi-Puncher, Oscilloscope, Plate Reader and Stacker, Real-Time PCR Instrument, Spectrometer, Thermo Cycler, Capillary, Columns, Diagnostic Test Kits, Reagents, Recalibration Kits
2329520915Furniture, All Types (Except Hospital Room and Patient Handling) (Statewide)CommodityConference Furniture, Dormitory Furniture, General Purpose Tables, High Density Filing, Household Furniture, Library Furniture, Office Furniture, School Furniture, Specialty Seating, Tall Seating, Bariatric, Gang Seating, Laboratory Stools, Systems Furniture
2328705500Fuel Oil, Heating (Grades #2, #6 Kerosene and Bioheating Fuel) (Statewide)CommodityFuel oil, Heating, Kerosene, Bioheating Fuel, Heating
2332105900Natural Gas (Firm Supply - Specific Locations Within National Grid Territories)CommodityNatural Gas
2328305800Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) - Propane (Statewide)CommodityCylinders, Gallons, Tanks, Installation, Testing, Inspections, LP, Liquid Propane, Butane, Isobutene
2331501800Road Salt, Treated Salt, & Emergency Standby Road Salt (Statewide)CommodityIce, Snow, Sodium, Chloride
2327250030 Wove & Kraft EnvelopesCommodityPrinted Envelopes, Non-Printed Envelopes
2325440524School Buses (Statewide)CommodityBus, Conventional Bus
2324110201Pharmaceuticals (Individual Prescriptions) Statewide & RegionalCommodityDrugs, Pharmacists Services, Prescription Delivery, Over the Counter, OTC, Pharmaceutical Products, Medicine, Medication
2320020600Floor Coverings and Related Services (Statewide Piggyback)CommodityCarpet, Tile, Broadloom, Vinyl, LVT, Rubber Tile, Hardwood, Linoleum, Floormat, Ceramic, Installation, Padding
2323879006Air Travel Services (Statewide)CommodityPlane Travel
2322210150Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Related Items (Statewide)CommodityRespirators, Masks, Face Shields, Goggles, Gowns, Covers, Hand Sanitizer, Wipes, Fit Test Kits, N95, Disinfecting Wipes, Surgical Mask, Alcohol Wipes, PPE
2323901600Milk, Fluid (Statewide)CommodityLow Fat Milk, Reduced Fat Milk, Skim Milk, Homogenized Milk
2307330204Athletic Equipment (Statewide)CommodityGymnasium Equipment, Physical Education Equipment, Fitness, Exercise, Elliptical, Bike, Barbell, Dumbbell, Bench, Cardiovascular, Strength Training, Stairclimber, Treadmill, Weights, Mats
2312330310Vehicle and Equipment Parts and Related Product (Statewide)CommodityLight Duty Vehicle Parts, Heavy Duty Vehicle Parts, Heavy Equipment Parts, Direct Order Parts, Commonly Stocked Parts, Vehicle Cleaning Supplies, Vehicle Paint, Vehicle Tools, Automotive Parts
2320405700Motor Oil, Hydraulic Oil, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (Statewide)  (Replaces 23012-RA, SW)CommodityMotor Crankcase Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Diesel Exhaust Fluid, Refined Oil, Re-Refined Oil, Lubricating Oil, High Detergent, 5W-30, 5W-20, 10W-30, 15W-40
2314930600Tires, Tubes, and Services (Statewide)Commodity 
PGB-2324335000Vehicle Lifts and Associated Garage Equipment Sourcewell Piggyback (Statewide)CommodityGarage Associated Parts, Garage Associated Supplies, Garage Associated Accessories, Vehicle Lift Installation, Vehicle Lift Repair, Vehicle Lift Maintenance, Automotive
2316640440Vehicles, Class 1 – 8 (Statewide)CommoditySingle OEM Vehicles, Chassis, Complete Vehicles, Car, Truck, SUV, Van, Sedan, One-ton Truck, Cargo Van, Automobile
2317040523Buses, Transit (Adult Passenger) (Statewide)CommodityFTA Adult Passenger Transit Buses, Associated Transit Bus Equipment
2326020070Books, Serials, Databases, and Library Resource Management ProductsCommoditySerials, Databases, Library Resource Management Products and Services, Printed Publications, Non-Print Library Materials, Electronic Publications, Research Support Products, Printed Periodicals, Electronic Periodicals, eBooks, Streaming Audio, Video Content, Magazines, Newspapers, Journals, Legal Research, Books, Textbooks
2318523106STEM / STEAM, Science Laboratory Educational Supplies And Equipment (Statewide)Commodity 
2326832100Snow and Ice Control Agents (Statewide)CommodityLiquid, Calcium, Chloride, Organic, Based Performance Enhancer, OBPE, Magnesium, Corrosion, Inhibited, Treated, Salt, Flake, Pellet, Solar
2305440061Protective OuterwearCommoditySafety Shoes, Specialty Boots, Firefighting Turnout Gear, Firefighting Proximity Clothing, Wildland Clothing, Helmets, Gloves, Firefighting Boots, EMS/Search and Rescue Clothing, Bunker Gear
PGB-2319710200Distribution of Vaccines Including Influenza Vaccines (Statewide) (Replaces Award PGB-22797)CommodityGeneral Vaccines, Seasonal Influenza Vaccines, Pharmaceuticals, Drugs, Flu Shot, COVID-19 Vaccine
PGB-2329010200MMCAP Infuse Influenza Vaccines (Statewide)CommodityGeneral Vaccines, Seasonal Influenza Vaccines, Pharmaceuticals, Drugs, Flu Shot
2318410200Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor Contract Cardinal Health 110 (LLC) (Statewide)CommodityGeneric Pharmaceuticals, Brand Name Pharmaceuticals, Over the Counter Pharmaceuticals, Nutritional Products, Vaccines, Diabetic Supplies, Drug, OTC, COVID-19 Vaccine
PGB-2320110200Specialty Pharmaceuticals (Statewide)CommodityDrugs
23137-GR05302Photovoltaic Systems and Installation Services (Statewide)CommodityPV System, Solar Panel, Solar, Panels, Mounting Racks, Inverter, Battery Pack, Charge Controllers, Meters, Array Disconnect, Breakers, Cables, Grid Tied, Off-Grid, Solar Modules, Racking Systems, Ancillary Products, Wiring, Cables, Adaptors, Combiner Boxes, Safety Disconnects, Surge Suppressors, Breaker Panels, Solar Powered Area Lights, Solar Powered Street Lights, Portable Solar Generators, Assembly, Electrical Connections
23162-GR05302Community Solar (Statewide)CommodityValue of Distributed Energy Resources, VDER, Net Energy Metered, NEM.  
2317338232Hazardous Incident Response Equipment (HIRE) (Statewide) (Replaces 22872)CommodityPersonal Protective Equipment, PPE, Explosive Device Mitigation and Remediation Equipment, Operational and Search and Rescue Equipment, Interoperable Communications Equipment, Detection Equipment, Decontamination Equipment, Medical Equipment, Power Equipment, Physical Security Enhancement Equipment, Inspection and Screening Systems, Prevention and Response Watercraft, Aviation Equipment, Logistical Support Equipment, Intervention Equipment
PGB-2291638235Electronic Monitoring of Offenders (WSCA-NASPO Cooperative Purchasing Organization) (Statewide)CommodityRadio Frequency (RF) Electronic Monitoring, Satellite Monitoring, Remote Tracking Service (GPS)
2315336100Kitchen and Laundry Equipment (Statewide)CommodityCommercial Kitchen Equipment, Residential Kitchen Equipment, Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen Related Accessories, Refrigerators, Dishwashers, Cooking, Food Prep, Food Storage, Freezers, Ovens, Steamers, Ice machines, Fryer, Sneeze guard, Slicer, Display Case
2324539000Environmentally Preferable Cleaning Products, Programs, Equipment and Supplies (Statewide)CommodityGreen Cleaning Supplies, Environmentally Sensityive Cleaning and Maintenance Products
2326239000Industrial & Commercial Supplies and EquipmentCommodityBuidling Supplies, Cleaning, Electrical, Fluid Power Equipment, Hand Tools, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, HVAC, Lighting, Motors / Power Transmission, Pneumatics, Power Tools, Production Tools, Pumps and Plumbing, Ceiling Tiles, Dry Wall, Lumber, Windows, Buckets, Cleaning Chemicals, Hand Soaps, Mops, Paper Products, Trash Can Liners, Vacuums, Circuit Breakers, Conduits, Connectors, Cords, Electrical Boxes, Fuses, Plugs, Solar Panels, Switches, Wire, Outlets, Hoses, Hydraulics, Pressure Washers, Spray Guns and Kits, Tubing, Hammers, Hand Saw, Measuring Tools, Pliers, Rakes, Screwdrives, Shovels, Blowers, Fans, Bulbs, Adhesives, Batteries, Fasteners, Generators, Ladders, Paint, Welding Supplies, Cabinets, Containers, Hand Trucks, Personal Safety, Site Safety, Site Security, Janitorial, Fluid Power Equipment, Garbage Bag, First Aid, Motor, Power Transmission, Ceiling Tile, Window, Bucket, Cleaner, Mop, Liner, Vacuum, Circuit Breaker,  Conduit, Connector, Cord, Electrical Box, Fuse, Plug, Solar Panel, Switch, Wire, Outlet, Hose, Hydraulic, Pressure Washer, Spray Gun, Spray Kit, Hammer, Measuring Tool, Pliers, Rake, Screwdriver, Shovel, Blower, Fan, Bulb, Adhesive, Battery, Fastener, Generator, Ladder, Cabinet, Container, Hand Truck, Safety Cone, Cone, Band-Aid, Band Aid, Toilet, Glove, Mask, Vest, Boots, Shield, Covid, Ballast, Suspenders, Hard Hat, Shoe Cover, Power Towels, Detergent, Marker, Pencil, Pen, Pallet, Shed, Trailer, Fence, AED, Hook, Transformer, Nail, Screw, Bolt, Filter, Scrub, Seal, Cover, Tarp, Receptacle, Dolly, Cart, Clean, Pail, Soap, Tool, Spackle, Vent, Tape, Power, Switch, Wipe, Rag, Pad, Sand, Construction, Sign, Warning, Caution, Detect, Flash, Disinfect, Spray, Antibacterial, Bleach, Chlorine, Floor Sweeper, Shelter, Salt, Rope, Velcro, Hook and Loop, Hook & Loop, Bag, Tube
2314602450Fresh Bread (Statewide)CommodityBread Loaves, Bread Slices, Hamburger and Hotdog Rolls, Dinner Rolls
2319902450Food (Commercial and Retail) (Statewide)CommodityCommercial (Bulk) Food, Retail (Grocery) Food, Ambient Food, Canned Food, Dry Food, Baked Goods, Dairy, Frozen Food, Meat, Poultry, Fish, Produce, Fruits, vegetables, Non-dairy, Paper Products, Gluten Free, Dairy Alternative, Food Containers
2323705600Gasoline and E-85 (Statewide) (Replaces Awards 23092 and 23215)CommodityConventional (Regular, Mid-Grade, Premium), OPRG- (Regular, Mid-Grade, Premium), E-85, Gas, Unleaded, Fuel, Gallon, Octane, Ethanol, Petroleum
2329805602Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel & Biodiesel Fuel (On-Road Use Only) (Certain Counties)CommodityB5, B10, B20, Kerosene, Petroleum, Fuel, Distillate, Premium, Regular
2323605602Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and Biodiesel Fuel (On-Road Use Only) (Statewide)CommodityB5, B10, B20, Kerosene, Petroleum, Fuel, Distillate, Premium, Regular
2329131502Comprehensive Bituminous Concrete (Asphalt Mix and Cold Patch) (Statewide)CommodityPaving, FOB, Warm, Shim, Course, Compaction, Paver, Roller, Cold, Milling, Pothole, Overlay
2325238604Traffic Paint (Waterborne – Lead–Free) & Glass Spheres for Reflectorized Pavement Marking (Various Types) (Statewide)CommodityWhite Paint, Yellow Paint, Beads, Drying
2324438650Safety Equipment & Products for Transportation & Public Works Comprehensive Crash Mitigation (including Attenuators, Barricades, Bridge Rails, Crash Cushions and Guide Rails) (Statewide)CommodityTraffic, Cone, Drum, Barrell, Barrier, Sand
2320333700Extra Heavy Rock Material for Armoring & Erosion Control (Statewide)Commodity 
2318737700Culvert and Underdrain Pipe and Tubing w/ Arches, Bands & Accessories (Statewide)CommodityGalvanized, Steel, Aluminum, Corrugated, PVC, Liner
2315412000Medical and Laboratory Supplies and Equipment (Statewide)CommodityLaboratory Supplies, Apparel/Personal Protective Supplies, Laboratory Furniture, Laboratory Appliances, Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Consumables and Supplies, Laboratory Glassware and Plasticware, Laboratory Instruments, Laboratory Sterilization, Medical Supplies, Chemicals, Biologicals, PPE, COVID -19 Test Kits, Automatic External Defibrillator, AED, Sharp Containers, Medicine Cart, Syringes, Mask, Gloves, Lab Coat, Gown, Lift
2315535200Firearms, Ammunition, & Less-Lethal Products (Statewide)CommodityLive Ammunition, Less-Lethal Ammunition, Restraints, Batons, Holstery, Duty Belts, Conducted Electrical Weapons (CEWs), Less-Lethal Gases, Less-Lethal Grenades, Firearems Optics
2322735205Body Armor, Law Enforcement (Soft Body Armor or Hard Body Armor) (Statewide)CommodityBallistic-Resistant, Stab-Resistant, Helmets, Vests, K-9, Shields
2307212600Diagnostic Imaging Equipment (Statewide)CommodityCT-Scanners, MRI, Digital Mammography, X-Ray Image Intensifier (XRII), C-Arm, PET-CT, Digital Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound, Bone Densitometer, RIS/PACS, ECG, EKG, Dental Diagnostic Imagine Equipment, Optical Imaging
23156-RS50208Paper Roll Stock for Offset and Digital Printing (Albany Area Agencies)CommodityOpasque Rolls, Colored Rolls, Highspeed Inkjet Rolls, Continuous Roll Feed Paper
23078–GR,RS50211Recycled Copy Paper (Less Than Truckload Lots) (Statewide)CommodityPost-Consumer Recycled Content, Recycled Paper, 3 Hole Punched,  Processed Chlorine Free
2328650020Legislative Printing For The Executive CommodityBudget Appropriation Bills and Budget Documents, Messages from the Governor, State of the State
2316438708In-Breath Alcohol Testing Equipment and Accessories (Statewide)CommodityInstrumentation, Mouthpieces, Reference Standard (Liquid), Reference Standard (Gas)
PGB-2279240625Heavy Equipment (Statewide)CommodityAerial Lift, Trucks, Backhoes, Compaction Rollers, Compressors, Dozers, Graders, Excavators, Mowing Tractors, Mowing Attachments, Plows, Loaders, Spreaders, Sweepers, Pavers, Skid Steer, Snowblowers, Stump Grinders, Trailers, Turf, Utility Vehicle, Vacuums, Water Truck, Wood Grinders, Pot Hole Patcher
2318272007Heavy Equipment Rental (Statewide) (Replaces: 22935)ServiceRental Heavy Equipment, Short-Term Heavy Equipment, Aerial Lift, Trucks, Backhoes, Compaction Rollers, Compressors, Dozers, Graders, Excavators, Mowing Tractors, Mowing Attachments, Plows, Loaders, Spreaders, Sweepers, Pavers, Skid Steer, Snowblowers, Stump Grinders, Trailers, Turf, Utility Vehicle, Vacuums, Water Truck, Wood Grinders, Pot Hole Patcher, Snow Blower, Scaffolding, Pumps, Welders, Crane, Vans, Generator, Ladder, Sanders, Salt Spreader, Pressure Washer, Light Towers, Heaters, Electric Hand Tools, Compressors, Compactors, Concrete Saws, Concrete Mixers
2319822300Voting Systems and Related Services and Accessories (Statewide)CommodityBallet Marking, Voting Consumables, Voting Training
2323575702Assistive Technology for Persons with Disabilities (Statewide)TechnologyCCTVs, Screen Magnifiers, Readers, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Speech Software, Braille Display, Translation Software, Printers, Embossers, Notetakers, Personal Amplification Systems, Amplifier, Amplifier Telephone, Computer Assisted Notetaking, Closed Captioning Decoders, Computer Cursor Control Interface, Computer Keyboard Modifications, Head Wands, Mouth Sticks, Communication Boards and Software, Screen Reader, Refreshable Braille
2314177200Public Safety Communications Equipment and Services (Two-Way Radios and Satellite Phones) (Statewide)TechnologyRadio Equipment, Radio Equipment and Services, Satellite Phone Equipment, Portable Radios, Mobile Radios, Desktop Radios, Microwave Radios, Radio Infrastructure, Base Stations, Voting Systems, Radio Network Hardware, Repeaters, Antennas, Frequency Equipment, Radio Frequency (RF) Transmission Lines, Radio Frequency (RF) Filtering Equipment, Duplexers and Multiplexers, Dispatch Equipment, Site Hardware for Two-Way Radio Systems
2315077201Intelligent Facility & Security Systems and Solutions (Statewide)TechnologyAlarm and Signal Systems, Building Automation Systems (BAS), Command Center Systems, Computer Aided Dispatch Systems, Electronic Article Surveillance Systems, Electronic Identification Systems, Emergency Mass Notification Systems, Emergency Phone / PBX Systems, Energy Management Systems, CCTV Surveillance Camera Systems, Electrical Distribution and Control Systems, Parking Access Control Systems, Physical Access Control Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Pump Systems, Fire Station Alerting Systems, Inmate Radio Systems, Microprocessor-Controlled HVAC Equipment Systems, Permanent Facility Perimeter Fencing System, Fire Sprinkler and Fire Supression Systems, Lighting Control / Occupancy Detecting Systems, Livescan Store and Forwarding System, Nurse Call Systems, Personal Alarm Systems, Public Address Systems, Public Safety Digital Display Systems, Time Management Systems, Traffic and Transportation CCTV / Surveillance Monitoring System
2310077017Telecommunication Connectivity Services (TCS) (Statewide)TechnologyTelephone, Internet, Data Over Radio Signal, Satellite, Television, Various Non-Cloud Managed Services, Mobile Connectivity Signals
2287673600Information Technology Umbrella Contract – Distributor BasedTechnologyDistributor Based Software, Distributor Based Hardware
2280273600Information Technology Umbrella Contract – Manufacturer Based (Statewide)TechnologySoftware, Software Licenses, Fleet Management, Software Installation and Training, Enterprise Software Purchases, Drones, 3D Printers, Medical 3D Printers, Augmented Reality (AR) Hardware, Virtual Reality (VR) Hardware, Technology Accessory Equipment, UPS Systems Including Generators and Switchgear, Server and Mainframe Hardware, Server Racks, Storage, Microcomputer Systems, System Peripherals, Telecommunications Hardware,  Copper and Fiber Cabling, Desktops, Notebooks, Laptops, Tablets, Workstations, Printers, Receipt and Access Card Printers, Production Printing, Printer Consumables, Scanners, Audio Visual Equipment, Cameras, Production and Lighting, Signal Management, Electronic Whiteboards, Interactive Display Panels, Audio / Video Conferencing Hardware, Mailing Machine Equipment, Educational Technology, Occupational Training Equipment, Robotics and Automation, Hardware Maintenance, Hardware Support, Fleet Management, Hardware Budles, Imaging Services, Loading Services, Remote Hardware Administation / Maintenance / Support, Enterprise Hardware Purchases, Legacy Product Maintenance, Consulting Services, Cloud Paired Appliances, Cloud Solutions, Customized Training, Implementation Services, Configuration Services, Software, Leasing, Refurbished or Remanufactured Equipment, Augmented Reality (AR) Solutions, Virtual Reality (VR) Solutions, Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Mirrored Data Center, Cloud-Based Training, Cloud Installation, Apps for Mobile Devices, Managed Security Services, Managed Printer Services, Fleet Management, Enterprise Cloud Purchases, Automated Network Monitoring, GPS Tracking Solutions, Business Process Analysis, Project Management Services, Data Conversion, Customized Training on Products, Programming Services, Consulting Services
2277273600Project Based Information Technology Consulting Services (PBITS)TechnologyAnalysis, Data Classification, Design, Development, Testing, Quality Assurance, Security, Associated Customized Training for IT Based Applications, Technical Architecture Advisory Services, Business Analysis for Project Development, Proprietary Software Application Development / Customization, Programming, Integration, Data Information Management, Project Management, Project Support Services, Project Quality Assurance and Control, Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V), Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Testing, Quality Assurance, Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP), Data Categorization, Open-Source Software Implementation
2315873012Hourly-Based Information Technology Services (Statewide) (HBITS) [Replaces Award 22439]TechnologyBusiness Analyst, Cloud Engineer, Database Administrator, Database Architect, Database Manager, Graphic Designer, Help Desk Manager, IT Manager, IT Specialist, Network Administrator, Network Architect, Operations Manager, Programmer, Project Manager, Security Analyst, Security Manager, Software Analyst, Software Architect, Software Developer, Software Manager, Systems Administrator, Systems Analyst, Systems Architect, Systems Developer, Technical Writer, Tester, Training Developer, Web Administrator, Web Designer, Web Developer, Web Manager
2311676000Microsoft Reseller Agreement (Statewide)TechnologyMicrosoft Software, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft PowerPoint, Windows
2316776000Electronic Poll Book (E-Poll Book) Systems and ServicesTechnologyVoting
2321379536New York State Technology Enterprise Corporation (NYSTEC) (Replaces: 22957)TechnologyTelecommunications, Communication Networks, Information Processing, Databases, Software, Artificial Intelligence, Electromagnetics, Signal Processing, Photonics, Electronic Reliability
2327171004Elevator, Escalator & Miscellaneous Lift Equipment Maintenance Services (Statewide)ServiceMechanic, Geared, Gearless, Hydraulic, Dumbwaiter, On-Site Mechanic, Pre-Maintenance Repairs, Preventative Maintenance, Wheelchair Lift, Stairway Chairlift, Fireman's Recall Test, Hoistway, Premaintenance, Onsite mechanic, Stage Lift, Maintenance, Time & Material, T&M, Time and Material, Lift, Stage, Full Service, Inspection, Test
2310671011Security Guard Services (Statewide)  and Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan Directors (Region 1 – NYC Only)ServiceEAP, FSD
2322379000Equipment Maintenance Program (EMP) (Statewide)ServiceCorrective Maintenance, Preventative Maintenance, Remi, Service Provider, Maintenance Agreement, Service Agreement, Information Technology, Medical, Imaging, Security, Communication, Research, Laboratory, Dental, Surgery, Financial, POS, Law Enforcement
2321779008Purchasing, Travel and NET Card Services (Statewide)ServiceP-Card, Travel, NET Card, JP Morgan, Pcard, Credit Card, JPMC
2311179008Payment Processing Services (Statewide)ServiceVisa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Debit Cards, ACH
2306279008Fuel Card Services (Wex Bank Inc) (Statewide)ServiceElectric Car Card, Wex Card, Chargepoint Card, Fleet Card, Credit Card, Payment, Method of Payment, Gas Card, Electronic Payment, EFS 
2323479008American Express ® Card Acceptance (Statewide)ServiceAMEX Card
2324673003Administrative Services - Temporary Personnel (Statewide)ServiceOffice Workers, Hearing Reporter, Transcription Services, Financial Occupations, Miscellaneous Occupations, General Health Occupations, Physicians and Nurses, Dental Services, Psychiatric and Psychology Services, Light Industrial Occupations
2325373003Language Services - Temporary Personnel (Statewide)ServiceWritten Translation, American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreters, Consecutive Interpreters, Simultaneous Interpreters, Over the Phone Interpreters, Video Remote Interpreters, Desktop Publishing, Closed Captioning Services, Subtitling Services
NEG-2260173001Gartner Inc. Information Advisory ServicesServiceIT Professional Advisory Services, IT Products and Services, Technology
2316872002Fleet Maintenance Services (Statewide)ServiceAdministration and Tracking Vehicles, Maintenance, Repairs, Roadside Assistance, Towing, Automotive Repair
2326779011Small Package Delivery (Statewide)ServiceFedEx, Parcel
2306079016On-Line Reverse Auction Services (Statewide)Service 
2314779039Laundry and Linen Services (Statewide)ServiceLaundry, Washing, Drying, Scrubs, Bedding, Uniform, Mat, Mop, Patient Gown, Launder
2314079004Moving Services (Statewide)ServiceMoving Planning and Preparation, Moving, Disassembly, Assembly, Relocation
2321179005Travel Management Services (Statewide) (Replaces Award 22536)ServiceBusiness Travel Services, Commercial Travel, Domestic Travel, International Travel, Airline Travel, Vehicle Rental, Lodging
PGB-2317472001Passenger Vehicle Rentals (Statewide)ServiceShort Term Rental, Enterprise, Hertz, Rent-a-Car
22760-SW79013Recycling and Trash Removal Services (Statewide)ServiceReusing, Recycling, Trash Removal, Composting, Waste, Garbage, Disposal, Dumping, Scrap Metal, Rubbish, Compactors, Green, Landfill, Dumpster, Incinerator, Hazardous Waste, Debris
2317179050Media Buying Services (Statewide)ServiceVideo, Digital, Audio, Social Media, Print, Out-of-Home, Sports, Arena-Stadium, Advertising, Commercial, Billboard, Campaign, Promotion, Broadcast, Media Strategy, Marketing, Recruitment, Television, Radio
2331672006Sheltering and Wrap-Around Services (Statewide)ServiceTents, Camps, Disaster Response, Portable Restrooms, Portable Showers, Portable Laundry Services, Emergency, Response
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