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OGS Centralized Contracts

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OGS Centralized Contracts

Find OGS centralized contracts by group number, award number, or title.
View a complete listing of all statewide contracts.


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Master List of All Current OGS Statewide Term Contracts
This searchable PDF file is updated monthly & contains a listing of all active contracts & contractors. Use “Ctrl+F to search.

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If you are, among others, a state agency, a public authority or benefit corporation, a local government or political subdivision, a volunteer organization (such as ambulance services & fire companies), or a registered charitable organization, you may be eligible to use OGS centralized statewide contracts. Contracts are divided into three types:


  • Commodity (e.g., fuel, vehicles, office supplies, and food)
  • Service (e.g., elevator maintenance)
  • Technology (e.g., hardware, software, telecommunications, and IT services)


For local governments and other government organizations, including schools and public authorities, no additional paperwork beyond your purchase order is needed. If you don’t have an authorized user identification number, we ask that you complete a simple eligibility application. This will provide assurances to companies that you are eligible to use state contracts.


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