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OGS Centralized Awards List

OGS Centralized Awards List
Current Contract Awards
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Award # Group Award Title Type
23073 30204 Athletic Equipment (Statewide) Commodity
PGB 23067 RA, RM 30211 Park and Recreation Equipment (Statewide) Commodity
22844-E* 38806

Audio Visual Equipment & Accessories (Statewide) [Buy from these contracts in the NYS eMarketplace]

23123 30310 Vehicle and Equipment Parts and Related Product (Statewide) Commodity
23012-RA, SW 05700 Motor Oil (Statewide) Commodity
23149 30600 Tires, Tubes, and Services (Statewide) Commodity
PGB-23193 30601 Tires, Retreads (Statewide) Commodity
PGB-22947 35000 Garage Equipment/Vehicle Lifts/Hoists (NJPA Piggyback) (Statewide) Commodity
PGB-23035 40404 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment and Network Services Commodity
23166 40440 Vehicles, Class 1 – 8 (Statewide) Commodity
23170 40523 Buses, Transit (Adult Passenger) (Statewide) Commodity
23000 40524 School Buses (Statewide) Commodity
22910 40590

Trucks, Heavy Duty (Class 8 Chassis Cab Type with Various Bodies) (Statewide)

23044 20020 Serials and Database Access (Statewide) Commodity
22868 20060

Books and Non-Print Library Materials, and Related Ancillary Services (Statewide)

PGB-23084 31800 Walk-In Building Supplies (Statewide) Commodity
23006 23100 School and Art Supplies (Statewide) [Buy from these contracts in the NYS eMarketplace] Commodity
23185 23106 STEM / STEAM, Science Laboratory Educational Supplies And Equipment (Statewide) Commodity
PGB-23063 GR, RM 20600

Floor Coverings (NJPA - National Joint Powers Alliance) Piggyback (Statewide)

23131 32100 Snow, Ice Control Agents (Statewide) Commodity
23054 40061 Protective Outerwear Commodity
PGB-23197 10200 Distribution of Vaccines Including Influenza Vaccines (Statewide)
(Replaces Award PGB-22797)
PGB-23117 10200

MN Multistate (MMCAP) Influenza Vaccine Sanofi Pasteur (Statewide)

23184 10200 Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor Contract Cardinal Health 110 (LLC) (Statewide) Commodity
PGB-23201 10200 Specialty Pharmaceuticals (Statewide) Commodity
22884 10201

Pharmaceuticals (Individual Prescriptions) (Statewide & Regional)

23083-GR 05400

Environmentally Preferable Lighting (Statewide) [Buy from these contracts in the NYS eMarketplace]

23137-GR 05302

Photovoltaic Systems and Installation Services (Statewide)

23017-GR 05302 Solar Power Purchase Agreements (Statewide) Commodity
23162-GR 05302 Community Solar (Statewide) Commodity
PGB-23163 38207 Police Radar/Lidar Speed Enforcement & Speed Advisory Systems,
Parts, and Accessories ("Police Radar/Lidar Products")
23077 38224

Materials and Equipment for Educational Technology and Occupational Training (Statewide)

23173 38232 Hazardous Incident Response Equipment (HIRE) (Statewide) (Replaces 22872) Commodity
PGB-22916 38235

Electronic Monitoring of Offenders (WSCA-NASPO Cooperative Purchasing Organization) (Statewide)

23153 36100 Kitchen and Laundry Equipment (Statewide) Commodity
PGB-22830-ES 39000

Environmentally Preferable Cleaning Products Programs, Equipment and Supplies (Statewide) [Buy from these contracts in the NYS eMarketplace]

22918 *E, EE, ES, RA 39000

Industrial & Commercial Supplies and Equipment (Statewide) [Buy from these contracts in the NYS eMarketplace]

PGB-23144 39000 Professional Grade Tools (Snap-On) (Statewide) Commodity
23146 02450 Fresh Bread (Statewide) Commodity
23199 02450 Food (Commercial and Retail) (Statewide) Commodity
22794 02450 Food (Commercial) (Statewide) Commodity
22773 01600 Milk, Fluid (Statewide) Commodity
23091 05500

Fuel Oil, Heating (Grades #2, #4, #6 Kerosene and Bioheating) (Statewide)

23092 05600 Gasoline and E-85 (Statewide) Commodity
23094 05602

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and Biodiesel Fuel (On-Road Use Only) (Statewide)

23093 05800 Liquefied Petroleum (LP) Gases — Propane (Statewide) Commodity
23161 05900 Natural Gas (Firm and Interruptible Supply) (Statewide) Commodity
23109 20915 Furniture (Statewide) Commodity
22984 21510 Outdoor and Site Furniture Including Picnic Tables (Statewide) [Buy from these contracts in the NYS eMarketplace] Commodity
PGB-23178 GR, RS 21120 Five Compartment Compostable Plates Distribution (Statewide) Commodity
23148 31502 Comprehensive Bituminous Concrete (Hot Mix Asphalt and Cold Patch) (All State Agencies and Political Subdivisions) Commodity
23194 31503 Bituminous Concrete Hot Mix Asphalt (2020 VPP NYSDOT Specific Projects) (Federal & State Funds) Commodity
23209 31503 Bituminous Concrete (Hot Mix Asphalt) (2020 VPP NYSDOT Specific Projects – 2nd Letting) (State Funds) Commodity
23188 31555 Comprehensive Liquid Bituminous Materials
(Asphalt Emulsions, Chip Seal, Cold Recycling, Heater Scarification, Joint & Crack Filler/Sealer, 
Microsurfacing and/or Quick Set Slurry Seal, and Paver Placed Surface Treatment —
Conventional & Modified) (Statewide)
23195 31555 Liquid Bituminous Materials (Chip Seal; Cold Recycling; Cracker Sealer; Heater Scarification;
and Micro-Surfacing) (Federal & State Funds) (2020 VPP NYSDOT Specific Projects)
23056-ES, RA, SW 38604 Traffic Paint, Waterborne (Lead Free) and Glass Spheres for Reflectorized Pavement Marking (Statewide) [Buy from these contracts in the NYS eMarketplace] Commodity
23172 38604 Yellow Traffic Paint (Waterborne, Led-Free) (Statewide) Commodity
23130 38650 Safety Equipment & Products for Transportation & Public Works – Comprehensive Crash Mitigation (including Attenuators, Barricades, Bridge Rails, Crash Cushions and Guide Rails) (Statewide) Commodity
23179 01800 Treated Road Salt, Type 1 (Statewide) Commodity
22955 01800

Road Salt, Treated Salt and Emergency Standby Road Salt (Statewide)

23134 01800

Road Salt, Treated Salt, Emergency Standby Salt (Statewide)

23175 01800 Road Salt, Treated Salt and Emergency Standby Road Salt (Statewide) Commodity
23212 01800 Road Salt, Treated Salt and Emergency Standby Road Salt (Statewide) Commodity
23097 33700 Fine and Coarse Aggregates (Statewide) Commodity
23203 33700 Extra Heavy Rock Material for Armoring & Erosion Control (Statewide) Commodity
23187 37700 Culvert and Underdrain Pipe and Tubing w/ Arches, Bands & Accessories (Statewide) Commodity
23055 37829

Breakaway Sign Support Systems (Roadside Ground-Mounted U-Channel) (Statewide)

22911 40903

Various Snowplow Steel Cutting Edges and Shoes (DOT and Authorized Users)

23154 12000 Medical and Laboratory Supplies and Equipment (Statewide) [Buy from these contracts in the NYS eMarketplace] Commodity
23155 35200 Firearms, Ammunition, & Less-Lethal Products (Statewide) Commodity
22926 35205

Body Armor, Law Enforcement (Soft, Ballistic, Stab and Riot) (Statewide)

23072 12600 Diagnostic Imaging Equipment (Statewide) Commodity
PGB-23103 12605

Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and Related Accessories (Statewide) [Buy from these contracts in the NYS eMarketplace]

22941-E* 22812

Mailing Machines, Scales, Folders, Inserters,  Meter Rental and Other Items (Statewide)

22790-E*-EE-RA-RM 23000 Miscellaneous Office Supplies (Statewide) [Buy from these contracts in the NYS eMarketplace] Commodity
23156-RS 50208 Paper Roll Stock for Offset and Digital Printing (Albany Area Agencies) Commodity
23078–GR,RS 50211

Recycled Copy Paper (Less Than Truckload Lots) (Statewide) [Buy from these contracts in the NYS eMarketplace]

23064-GR-RS 50213

100% Recycled Copy Paper, Processed Chlorine Free (Truckload Lots) (Statewide) [Buy from these contracts in the NYS eMarketplace]

23135-RS 50020 Legislative Printing For The Executive Commodity
22988-RS 50030 Wove and Kraft Envelopes (State Agencies) Commodity
22962 38700

Advanced Scientific Equipment and Instruments (Statewide)

23164 38708 In-Breath Alcohol Testing Equipment and Accessories (Statewide) Commodity
PGB-22792 40625 Heavy Equipment (Statewide) Commodity
NEG-22659 22300

Voting Systems And Related Services And Ballot Marking, Or Other Voting Devices Accessible To Individuals With Disabilities (Statewide)

NEG-22111 75702 Assistive Technology for Persons with Disabilities Technology
23141 77200 Public Safety Communications Equipment and Services 
(Two-Way Radios and Satellite Phones)
23150 77201 Intelligent Facility & Security Systems and Solutions
23100 77017 Telecommunication Connectivity Services (TCS) (Statewide) Technology
PGB-22966 77014 GPS Telematics (Statewide) Technology
22883 73016

e-Learning Distance Learning Training Services (Statewide)

22876 73600

Information Technology Umbrella Contract – Distributor Based

22802 73600

Information Technology Umbrella Contract – Manufacturer Based (Statewide)

22772 73600

Project Based Information Technology Consulting Services (PBITS)

23158 73012 Hourly-Based Information Technology Services (Statewide) (HBITS)
[Replaces Award 22439]
22661-E* 75525

Printing and Imaging Equipment (Statewide)

23082 76304 Microsoft Premier Support Technology
23116 76000 Microsoft Reseller Agreement (Statewide) Technology
23167 76000 Electronic Poll Book (E-Poll Book) Systems and Services Technology
23213 79536 New York State Technology Enterprise Corporation (NYSTEC) (Replaces: 22957) Technology
23189 76000 Electronic Poll Book Equipment and Connectivity (Statewide) Technology
22913 71004

Elevator, Escalator, Miscellaneous Lift Equipment, And Preventive And Corrective Maintenance (Statewide)

23106 71011

Security Guard Services (Statewide)  and Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan Directors (Region 1 – NYC Only)

22712 79008

Purchasing, Travel and NET Cards (Statewide) (Citibank)

NEG-22265 79008

Electronic Value Transfer (American Express Branded Cards)

23111 79008 Payment Processing Services (Statewide) Service
23050 79008 Cost Allocation and Rate Setting (Statewide) Service
NEG-22419 79008 Electronic Value Transfer (Key Merchant Services LLC) Service
23062 79008 Fuel Card Services (Wex Bank Inc) (Statewide) Service
23057 73003 Administrative Services (Statewide) Service
NEG-22601 73001 Gartner Inc. Information Advisory Services Service
22816 73500 Marketplace Catalog Hosting and eInvoicing Services Service
23168 72002 Fleet Maintenance Services (Statewide) Service
22935 72007 Heavy Equipment Rental (Statewide) Service
PGB-23066 79011 Small Package Delivery (Statewide) Service
PGB-23160 72006 Emergency Management and Homeland Security Services (Statewide) Service
23060 79016 On-Line Reverse Auction Services (Statewide) Service
23147 79039 Laundry and Linen Services (Statewide) Service
23140 79004 Moving Services (Statewide) Service
21988 79000 Equipment Maintenance Program (EMP) (Statewide) Service
23110 79000 Project Labor Agreement Services (Statewide) Service
23015 79006 Air Travel Services (2017 – 2020) (Statewide) Service
PGB-22751 79006

WSCA Discounted Airfare [Air Travel Services, NASPO Discounted Airfare (2014 - 2019)]

22536 79005 Travel Management Services (Statewide) Service
PGB-23174 72001 Passenger Vehicle Rentals (Statewide) Service
22760-SW 79013 Recycling and Trash Removal Services (Statewide) Service
23171 79050 Media Buying Services (Statewide) Service


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