NYS Labeled Grape Wines List

Last Updated April 2014

In 1999 a law was enacted to lend support to the producers of New York State grape wines. In addition to recognizing the importance of New York’s wine industry, the new law exempts purchases of New York State labeled grape wines* from the competitive procurement laws. New York State labeled grape wines are given “preferred source status.” As a general rule, a New York State government agency, a public benefit corporation, or a political subdivision must follow its competitive procurement provisions; however, these rules do not apply to preferred source status products. Governmental bodies are allowed to purchase preferred source status products without regard to complying with any competitive procurement provisions. The message is clear: New York State wants to support its valued producers of New York State labeled wines. This list is based upon information provided by the New York State Liquor Authority and shows those Winery and Farm Winery Licenses in Effect in New York State. The effective date and expiration date of the license is included. This list will be updated on a regular basis to ensure it captures the most up-to-date information. Those who are interested in obtaining more information with respect to these wines may directly contact these wineries, many of which can provide detailed written information about their products. The list will be maintained by the New York State Office of General Services, with additions and deletions to the list being approved by the State Procurement Council. 

*Wines containing at least 75 percent New York State-grown grapes by volume qualify as New York State labeled wines.

Winery List