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Hourly Based Information Technology Services

Award #22439

Contract Period: EXPIRED

HBITS: Hourly Based Information Technology Services
Contract Award #22439 (Expired)

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New York State Procurement recognizes that as advancements in technology continue to grow at a rapid pace, the need to hire hourly based information technology staff is essential to an agency's success, and the hiring of hourly staff is and has been an ever-increasing challenge for state and local governments.

The HBITS contracts are written so that any government entity across the state can use them, including:

  • state agencies
  • local governments
  • public authorities
  • public school and fire districts
  • public and nonprofit libraries
  • other nonpublic/nonprofit organizations

Referred to as “authorized users,” these groups can use the HBITS contracts without seeking any special permissions.

Interested in becoming an HBITS Subcontractor?

Interested vendors may contact the current HBITS contractors directly for a possible subcontracting arrangement. Their contact information can be found on the HBITS Contract page

The simple paper-based process using forms 1 and 3. Forms are completed and emailed to associated mailboxes.
How to Use the HBITS Contract
Guide 1: How To Use the HBITS Contract

How-To Guide 1 contains helpful information on completing HBITS requests.

Guide 2: Task Order Modification Process

How-To Guide 2 contains instructions on the Task Order Modification Request process.

Resolving Issues
Unforeseen circumstances can create issues between the government entity and the contractor. The best way to document problems is by submitting a complaint form. The HBITS team works on your behalf to resolve any issues.
If you have questions, please contact:

For State Agencies — [email protected]
For Contractors — [email protected]
For Non-Executive Agencies — [email protected]

Current Award Information: Award #23158