Guide 1: How to Use the HBITS Contract

HBITS Agency How To Guide 1
How to Use the HBITS Contract
The Candidate Selection Process

Step 1: Agency Approvals

Prior to completing Form 1: Task Order Request Form, the Agency must have all Agency approvals (internal, PTP, and B-1184) and Federal approvals, if applicable.


Step 2: Agency Completes Form 1

The Agency completes Form 1: Task Order Request (TO) and forwards it to the HBITS Team at [email protected]. Once the HBITS Team has assigned your request a number, a reply will be sent confirming receipt.

  • Spell out acronyms when writing request (at least for the first instance).
  • Explain program language(s), platforms, etc., used by agency-specific systems.


Step 3: HBITS Team Reviews the Agency's Request

The HBITS Team reviews the request, validates all data fields, and ensures that Form 1 (TO) is in compliance with all contractual terms. Allow 2 – 3 days for processing.

  • If not in compliance, Form 1 will be returned to the Agency to edit and resubmit.
  • Once validated, Form 1 is sent via email to all active HBITS Contractors.


Step 4: Contractors Propose Candidates

Contractors review email of new Task Order (Form 1).


Step 5: HBITS Team Collects and Reviews Responses

The HBITS Team:

  • Validates mandatory requirements for HBITS title
  • Reviews the requested qualifications
  • Ranks candidates based on the hourly rate
  • Releases Candidate Form 2s to the Agency

Allow 1 – 2 days for processing before the information is released to the agency.


Step 6: Agency Reviews Candidates

Agency reviews the candidate Form 2s to determine the most technically qualified to interview and notifies the HBITS Team using Form 3A: Authorized User Preliminary Technical Evaluation Form of the candidates it has selected to interview. All other candidates are released. Allow 1 – 5 days for processing.

  • Selection of candidates for interviews must be done within 5 days. Failure to complete this step in time may result in all candidates being released for consideration for other staffing requests.


Step 7: Agency Completes Form 3B

Agency schedules interviews (at a minimum, top 3 candidates must be interviewed). Agency interviews selected candidates to validate initial scores and qualifications. The Agency then completes Form 3B: Authorized User Interview Evaluation Form for all interviewees. Allow 2 – 5 days for processing.

  • Agency must include rationale when changing any qualification score.
  • Agency selects the highest technically scored candidate(s) after interviews.
  • Agency updates the HBITS Team of the candidate(s) selected, all remaining candidates are released.
  • Agency works with the contractor to set up a start date with the consultant.


Step 8: HBITS Reviews all Forms

The HBITS Team ensures that all forms have been completed by the Agency and the Contractor, and properly entered into the database.


Step 9: Contractor Performs Placement Requirements

Contractor performs all candidate placement requirements and finalizes on-boarding of the consultant. Allow 10 business days for processing.

  • Necessary background checks.
  • All other necessary verifications are in place.


Contractor Engagement

Step 10: Modifications to Form 1

If the Agency or Contractor wants to modify Form 1, they must complete Form 5: Task Order Modification Request Form.

  • HBITS Team oversees and has final approval over any such request.


Step 11: Issues with Contractors

If the Agency has an issue with a contractor, they must complete Form 6: Authorized User Issue Form.

  • HBITS Team reviews and has final say on any issue.
  • All issues must be submitted in writing by completing Form 6. Issues cannot be submitted via phone call.


Step 12: Issues with Authorized Users

If a Contractor has an issue with an authorized user they must complete Form 7: Contractor Issue Form.

  • HBITS Team reviews and has final say on any issue.
  • All Issues must be submitted in writing by completing Form 7. Issues cannot be submitted via phone call.


Step 13: Monthly Invoice

Contractor sends monthly invoices to OGS Finance. In addition, Contractor completes Form 8 and sends to HBITS Team for verification.

  • The HBITS Team receives invoices and Form 8: Monthly Report from each contractor and validates both against Task Orders (Form 1) and Form 8.
  • If a discrepancy is found, the HBITS Team reviews with Agency and Contractor. If an error is identified, it is adjusted in the next month’s payment.
  • OGS Finance will then work with Agency to recoup payment.


Step 14: End of Consultant Engagement

Agency completes Form 4: Task Order Satisfaction and submits to HBITS Team.


Annual Contractor Evaluation


Step 15: Contractor Performance Evaluation Process (Form 9)

On an annual basis, the HBITS Team completes Form 9: Contractor Performance Evaluation Process. Based on the outcome of the Performance Evaluations, the five lowest scoring Contractors will be removed from the active Contractor list and the five Contractors on the wait list will be placed on the active Contractor list. 

List of Active/Waitlisted Contractors.


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