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Emergency Resources on Centralized Contracts

Goods and services you may need during an emergency.
Emergency Resources on Centralized Contracts


Getting the goods and services you need during an emergency is critical to response operations. OGS Procurement Services is committed to assisting you. This page includes:

  • A list of contracts you may need.
  • Specific centralized contracts by category.
  • Important links to other OGS resources and response partners.
CategoryGroup #Contract Award #Award Title
Energy & Fuel05500  23287Fuel Oil, Heating (Grades #2, #6 Kerosene and Bioheating Fuel)
Energy & Fuel0560023237Gasoline and E-85
Energy & Fuel0580023283Liquified Petroleum (LP) Gases - Propane
Energy & Fuel0590023321Natural Gas (Firm Supply - Specific Locations within National Grid Territories)
Energy & Fuel0560223236Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel & Biodiesel Fuel (On-Road Use Only)
Fleet, Heavy Equipment & Road Maintenance7900023223Equipment Maintenance Program (EMP)
Fleet, Heavy Equipment & Road Maintenance7200223168Fleet Maintenance Services
Fleet, Heavy Equipment & Road Maintenance40625PGB-22792Heavy Equipment - Sourcewell Piggyback
Fleet, Heavy Equipment & Road Maintenance7200723182Heavy Equipment Rental
Fleet, Heavy Equipment & Road Maintenance72001PGB-23174Passenger Vehicle Rental
Fleet, Heavy Equipment & Road Maintenance0180023315Road Salt, Treated Salt and Emergency Standby Road Salt
Fleet, Heavy Equipment & Road Maintenance3031023123Vehicle and Equipment Part and Related Product
Food0245023199Food (Commercial and Retail)
Food0245023146Fresh Bread
Food0160023239Milk, Fluid
Health & Medical1260023072Diagnostic Imaging Equipment
Health & Medical10200PGB-23197Distribution of Vaccines including Influenza Vaccines
Health & Medical3900023245Environmentally Preferable Cleaning Products, Programs, Equipment and Supplies
Health & Medical7903923147Laundry and Linen Services
Health & Medical1200023154Medical and Laboratory Supplies and Equipment
Health & Medical10200PGB-23290MMCAP Infuse Influenza Vaccines
Health & Medical1015023222Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Related Items
Health & Medical10200PGB-23184Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor Contract Cardinal Health 110 LLC
Health & Medical1020123241Pharmaceuticals (Individual Prescriptions)
Public Safety7200623316Sheltering and Wrap-Around Services (Statewide)
Public Safety3520023155Firearms, Ammunition & Less-Lethal Products
Public Safety3823223173Hazardous Incident Response Equipment (HIRE)
Public Safety3870823164In-Breath Alcohol Testing Equipment and Accessories
Public Safety3900023262Industrial and Commercial Supplies and Equipment
Public Safety4006123054Protective Outerwear (Firefighting, Emergency/Rescue, and Safety)
Public Safety7720023141Public Safety Communications Equipment and Services (Two-Way Radios and Satellite Phones)
Public Safety7101123106Security Guard Services (Statewide) and Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan Directors (Region 1 - NYC Only)
Technology7570223235Assistive Technology for Persons with Disabilities
Technology7301223158Hourly-Based Information Technology Services (HBITS)
Technology7360022876Information Technology Umbrella Contract - Distributor Based
Technology7360022802Information Technology Umbrella Contract - Manufacturer Based
Technology7953623213New York State Technology Enterprise Corporation (NYSTEC)
Technology7360022772Project Based Information Technology Consulting Services (PBITS)
Technology7701723100Telecommunication Connectivity Services (TCS)
Temporary Personnel & Miscellaneous Services7300323246Administrative Services - Temporary Personnel
Temporary Personnel & Miscellaneous Services7900423140Air Travel Services
Temporary Personnel & Miscellaneous Services7300323253Language Services - Temporary Personnel
Temporary Personnel & Miscellaneous Services7900423140Moving Services
Temporary Personnel & Miscellaneous Services7900523211Travel Management Services
Temporary Personnel & Miscellaneous Services7901327760-SWRecycling and Trash Removal Services