eMarketplace for SFS Users

Connect to the eMarketplace

SFS now includes a connection to the eMarketplace.

  • Select the eMarketplace,
  • Add items to your cart, and
  • Have the cart populate your SFS requisition.  




SFS agencies are able to make eMarketplace purchases outside of SFS by requesting a direct access account.

Please refer to the Quick Reference Guide for SFS Users, or download the User Guide for SFS Users below.

SFS User Guides

What can I buy?

At this time, the following OGS centralized contracts and preferred source products are available in the NYS eMarketplace: 

When new contracts are added to the eMarketplace they will be posted here and on the Messages page in the NYS eMarketplace.

If you want to be notified automatically when new contracts are added sign-up for the Purchaser Notification System. 

*Please note that all relevant provisions of State Finance Law, General Municipal Law, Procurement Council Guidelines, etc., do apply to your purchases on the NYS eMarketplace. However, you can be confident that the products available on the NYS eMarketplace are consistent with the terms and pricing of existing centralized contracts and approved Preferred Source program offerings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay with a P-Card?

Yes, SFS users may make purchases in the eMarketplace with standard vouchering or with a P-Card, as long as the vendor accepts payment via P-Card. Some vendors do not accept the NYS P-Card and this is noted in their contract award document on the OGS Procurement Services website. 


Will the eMarketplace store my P-Card information or will I need to enter it every time I place an order?

SFS will store a requisitioner’s P-Card information and it will be available to use as a payment method on requisitions, including those created in the eMarketplace. The eMarketplace module itself will not store any P-Card information. To use your P-Card, select your P-Card number in the Card Number field on the Requisition Settings page. If you do not see this field, your Agency P-Card administrator will need to assign a P-Card to you in SFS. 


Can I save my order without submitting it?

Yes, you can submit your cart and create a requisition. The requisition can be saved in SFS and updated later. If you click out of the eMarketplace and leave your cart without submitting it to a requisition, you will lose what is in your cart. No warning message will be generated.  


How are change orders handled in the eMarketplace?

Change orders cannot be processed in the eMarketplace. Change orders can be processed in SFS if the purchase order needs to be revised. Please note that because purchase orders will be electronically dispatched to the supplier, there will only be a short window of time to amend a purchase order before it is received and acted on. If a change order is required when the invoice is received or when P-Card purchases are reconciled, then the change order will need to be requested of the Business Services Center or processed by the Agency. If the purchase order has already been dispatched to the vendor, then you should contact the supplier directly about changing the order. 


What happens if I receive a partial or incorrect order?

Suppliers may fulfill orders in multiple shipments. SFS allows for partial receiving against a purchase order and partial payment against an invoice. If you believe there are items missing for your order or that it was filled out incorrectly, you should contact the supplier directly. 


What should I do if my order is late or my order is damaged?

You should work directly with the supplier to address the issue following their standard business process.


How will the eMarketplace affect receiving?

Receiving is required for all quantity-based purchase orders in SFS, including orders placed through the eMarketplace.  Receiving is done the same way for eMarketplace orders as for standard Purchase Orders. For information on how to do receiving in SFS, see the SFS training module regarding Receiving (SFS-9.2-SPT, REC-205) in the Statewide Learning Management System (SLMS).


How do I get a paper copy of my invoice to reconcile my P-Card purchases?

No paper invoice will be available for P-Card purchases. You will have the submitted purchase order and the packing slip(s) received with the order. This is all that is required for P-Card reconciliation. For more information, see the SFS job aid on the updated P-Card reconciliation process. 


Will I be able to print out a copy of my invoice?

If an invoice is received from the supplier then SFS will generate a voucher for payment. The purchase order and the voucher will be available to view and print in SFS.  No invoices will be generated for P-Card purchases. 


Do I need to include approvals on my order in eMarketplace?

Spending approvals such as budget authorization and B-1184 approval are completed outside of the eMarketplace according to your business process.  In SFS, the requisition will proceed through its standard workflow for approvals. 


Can I attach documents to my eMarketplace requisition?

Documents needed for internal requisition approval may be attached to the requisition at the header level. No attachments will be sent to the supplier with the purchase order. Any necessary attachments should be emailed to the supplier separately, referencing the purchase order number. 


What is auto sourcing and how does it work?

Auto sourcing builds and dispatches a purchase order from a requisition without the manual intervention of a buyer. Once a requisition receives its approval in workflow, it is automatically sourced into a purchase order. If the products on the requisition have SFS Item Numbers assigned, the requisition will auto-source into a PO with the status of Approved and be dispatched. If the products on the requisition do not have SFS Item Numbers assigned, the requisition will auto-source into a PO with the status of Pending Approval. This will be reviewed by a buyer before being dispatched. Most products in the eMarketplace have SFS Item Numbers assigned. SFS Item Number assignment depends on the type of catalog and is done by the OGS eMarketplace team. 


What if I have a quote for a lower price on something that is available in the eMarketplace?

You have two options for how to do this.

  1. You can create a Special Request requisition for the purchase. Make sure to indicate the centralized contract number, if applicable.
  2. You can create the requisition in the eMarketplace, change the SFS PO dispatch method to Print, and contact the BSC to source the requisition into a PO and edit the price. This method has more steps but will bring the SFS Item Number and other classification data onto the requisition.  


Is there training for the eMarketplace?

Yes. The Business Services Center (BSC) training for Requisitions demonstrates how to access the eMarketplace through SFS. Additionally, refer to the Guide for SFS users on this page.


Who should I contact if I have questions about using the eMarketplace?


  • For questions regarding searching and content in the eMarketplace, please contact the OGS Procurement Services eMarketplace team at [email protected]
  • For issues using the eMarketplace in SFS, please contact the SFS Helpdesk at [email protected] and include “eMarketplace” in your email subject line.
  • For all other inquiries, or if you are unsure who to contact, please email [email protected].