Electronic Value Transfer (EVT) Services Contracts

This Award is Expired

Electronic Value Transfer (Key Merchant Services LLCNEG-22419 has expired.

Payment Processing Services (Statewide) Award #23111 has replaced this award.


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Electronic Value Transfer Services

State agencies and non-state agencies can accept online credit card payments through OGS Procurement Services' Electronic Value Transfer (EVT) Program. With this program, you can collect fines, fees, rates, charges, taxes, interest, and penalties online.

Examples of existing EVT programs are below.

Using EVT Contracts

You must complete an application for each payment program to use the EVT contracts, regardless of the vendor you want to use. Each application is reviewed by OGS Procurement Services and is sent to the Division of the Budget for approval. Once approved, you can choose one or both contracts for processing your online credit card transactions: Key Merchant Services and American Express.

After your EVT program is running, you must comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations because the federal government considers you a merchant who processes credit cards. Take the time to understand the requirements and complete the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire.


PCI self-assessment questionnaire


EVT Application

Key Merchant Services

Key Merchant Services LLC (KMS) Contract

Process Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card transactions. A KMS Work Order Form (EVTA-2 KMS) must be completed to provide this service.

KMS CONTRACT is expired

KMS Work Order Form

American Express (AMEX) Contract

American Express (AMEX) Contract

Process AMEX card transactions by receiving back-end settlement funds. The AMEX Work Order Form (EVTA-2 AMEX) must be completed to receive this service.


AMEX Work Order Form

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