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All state agencies are required to post bid opportunities with the New York State Contract Reporter. We encourage all organizations interested in doing business with the state to sign up. Procurement Services also provides a complete list of our bids below.


Sign up for email notifications from the New York State Contract Reporter provided by Empire State Development. Once you register, bid opportunities for your business can be emailed directly to you.    

Procurement Services encourages all organizations interested in doing business with the state to sign up today.




The list below contains specifics about each Procurement Services centralized contract bid request, including submission date, opening date, and a detailed description of the procurement.


Bid Calendar

Description Bid Opening Bid # Group #
Bituminous Concrete - Hot Mix Asphalt (2019 VPP NYSDOT Specific Projects-2nd Letting) (Federal & State Funds) (IFB 23165) 2019-05-30 23165 31503
Sculpture Conservation (OGS-DFS) (RFP 1986)  2019-05-31 1986 79000
Senator Hughes State Office Building Snow Plowing, Snow and Ice Removal, and Salting (OGS-DFS) (IFB 2234) 2019-05-31 2234 79000
Integrated Pest Management at Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building, New York, NY (OGS-DFS) (RFQ 2175) 2019-06-04 2175 71010
Public Safety Communications Equipment and Services (Two-Way Radios and Satellite Phones) (Statewide) (Bid 23141) 2019-06-04 23141 77200
Telecommunication Connectivity Services (Statewide and County) (RFP 23100) 2019-06-05 23100 77017
Henderson-Smith State Office Building Snow Plowing, Snow and Ice Removal, and Salting (OGS-DFS) (IFB 2235) 2019-06-05 2235 79000
Intelligent Facility and Security Systems and Solutions (Statewide) (Bid 23150) 2019-06-06 23150 77201
Natural Gas (Firm and Interruptible Supply) (Statewide) (IFB 23161) 2019-06-12 23161 05900
Installation of Mobile File System in Building 4 of the W. Averell Harriman State Office Campus, Albany, NY (OGS-DFS) (RFQ 2271) 2019-06-18 2271 20195
Natural Gas Asset Manager (OGS-DFS) (IFB 2146) 2019-06-18 2146 05900
Payment Processing Services (Statewide) (RFP 23111) 2019-06-20 23111 79008
Automobile Claims Administration Services (OGS-DFS) (RFP 2178)  2019-06-21 2178 79000
Administrative Services (Statewide Backdrop Contract) (IFB 23057) (First Periodic Recruitment)  2019-06-25 23057 73003
Building Systems Operation and Maintenance at The Perry B. Duryea Jr. State Office Building (OGS-DFS) (RFP 2169) 2019-06-28 2169 20195
Integrated Facility Management at Hudson Valley Transportation Management Center (OGS-DFS) (RFP 2170) 2019-07-09 2170 71016
Overhaul of Pumps and Motors at the NYS OGS River Front Pumping Station in Albany, NY (OGS-DFS) (IFB 2172) 2019-08-02 2172 39000
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