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All state agencies are required to post bid opportunities with the New York State Contract Reporter. We encourage all organizations interested in doing business with the state to sign up. Procurement Services also provides a complete list of our bids below.


Sign up for email notifications from the New York State Contract Reporter provided by Empire State Development. Once you register, bid opportunities for your business can be emailed directly to you.    

Procurement Services encourages all organizations interested in doing business with the state to sign up today.




The list below contains specifics about each Procurement Services centralized contract bid request, including submission date, opening date, and a detailed description of the procurement.


Bid Calendar

Description Bid Opening Bid # Group #
Dishwasher and Autoclave (or Equivalent) Issued on Behalf of NYS Division of State Police (OGS-BSC) (IFB-0003) 2020-09-30 IFB-0003 38700
NYS Office of General Services for Doors, Frames, and Hardware at the Shirley A. Chisholm Building (OGS-DFS) (RFQ-2424) 2020-10-14 RFQ 2424 79000
Mettler-Toledo Analytical Balances XPR204 (OGS-BSC) (IFB-0005) 2020-10-15 IFB-0005 38700
HAZMAT Trailers (OGS-BSC) (IFB-0004) 2020-10-16 IFB-0004 38232
Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel and Biodiesel Fuel (On-Road Use Only) (Statewide) 2020-10-20 23216 05602
Data Visualization Tools for Web Integration (OGS-DFS) (RFI 2397) 2020-10-20 RFI 2397 73012
Building 17 Power Plant Equipment Maintenance, Testing, and Repair at the W. Averell Harriman State Office Campus (OGS-DFS) (RFP 2415) 2020-10-23 2415 71007
Two Dimensional Art Conservation 2020-11-10 2277 79000
Vehicles, Class 1 – 8 (Statewide) (23166) (*Continuous Recruitment*) *Continuous Recruitment* 23166 40440


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