Bid Document Files — Public Safety Communications Equipment and Services (Two-Way Radios and Satellite Phones) (Statewide)

Group 77200 –  Public Safety Communications Equipment and Services
                             (Two-Way Radios and Satellite Phones) (Statewide)
Solicitation 23141
Bid Opening Date: June 4, 2019, 11:00 AM EST


Please review all of the documents carefully and submit completed responses no later than 11:00 a.m. June 4, 2019 to:

New York State Office of General Services
Procurement Services
38th Floor, Corning Tower, Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12242
Attn: Bid Enclosed - BID 23141

This bid consists of a total of  twenty-two (22) files, including the main Bid document, Appendices and fourteen (14) attachments:


Solicitation Update NEW!!

{5/24/19 Addendum 5: Attachment 1 Supplement, Additional Questions and Answers}

{5/13/19 Addendum 4: Supplemental Answer and Question Period}

{5/7/19 Bidder Questions and OGS Responses Revised Solicitation; Revised Attachments
01, 06, 07, 13; New Documents}
{4/15/19 Addendum 2: Revised Solicitation — Clarification for MWBE & SDVOB Interest in
Partnering with Bidders and Updated Deadline for Submission of MWBE & SDVOB
Interest in Partnership}
{4/10/19 Addendum 1: Revised Solicitation – Bid Opening Date Clarification}

Solicitation UPDATED!! PDF
Inquiry Responses NEW!! PDF
Inquiry Responses - Supplemental NEW!! PDF
Regions by County NEW!! PDF
MWBE & SDVOB Interest in Participating with Bidders List NEW!! MS Excel
Appendix A – Standard Clauses for NYS Contracts (January 2014) PDF
Appendix B – General Specifications (April 2016) PDF
Appendix C – Contract Modification Form and Procedures PDF
Attachment 1 – NYS Pricing UPDATED! MS Excel
Attachment 1 – NYS Pricing Supplement NEW!! MS Excel
Attachment 2 – NYS Required Certifications PDF
Attachment 3 – Encouraging Use of NYS Businesses PDF
Attachment 4 – Insurance Requirements PDF
Attachment 5 – Bidder Information Questionnaire MS Excel
Attachment 6 – Bidder Submission Checklist UPDATED! MS Excel
Attachment 7 – Proof of Past Sales Revenue UPDATED! MS Excel
Attachment 8 – Reseller/Subcontractor List MS Excel
Attachment 9 – List of Maintenance Facilities MS Excel
Attachment 10 – Manufacturer’s Certificate MS Word
Attachment 11 – Bidder Questions Form (for Q&A only) MS Excel
Attachment 12 – Glossary of Terms PDF
Attachment 13 – Report of Contract Usage UPDATED! MS Excel
Attachment 14 – How to Use This Contract PDF