Appendix B and Usage Note

Appendix B Usage Note

Appendix B has been prepared by the New York State Office of General Services (OGS) to serve as the general specifications for centralized contracts awarded by OGS. Centralized contracts are unlike many other State contracts, and, consequently, many of the provisions in Appendix B are unique to centralized contracts.

OGS recognizes, however, that State agencies and others may find Appendix B to be a useful starting point when drafting general specifications for other types of contracts. When doing so, drafters are advised to review Appendix B carefully and modify the provisions to suit the needs of their contract. Drafters should also eliminate unnecessary defined terms and clauses. For example, the defined terms “Authorized User,” “Commissioner,” and “Mini-Bid” are specific to centralized contracts and will probably need to be amended or deleted for other types of contracts.

In addition, drafters should bear in mind that centralized contracts do not require the approval of the State Comptroller, but most other State contracts do, except for those meeting certain discretionary purchasing thresholds set forth in State Finance Law § 112(2)(a). Accordingly, some clauses in Appendix B may need to be modified to reflect the State Comptroller’s approval authority. Drafters should consider adding to those clauses language such as “subject to the approval of the State Comptroller.” 


Appendix B