Amtrak Multi-Ride eTicket for New York State Government Travelers

Amtrak Multi-Ride Service Changes
RideReserveSM  Program

Multi-Ride tickets will now require confirmations for travel beginning on September 14, 2020. Choosing your trips ahead of time helps manage capacity and promotes physical distancing on every train as well as keeping customers informed about gate and track information, schedule changes and more.

RideReserveSM is available at, the Amtrak mobile app, or through an Amtrak customer service agent. More information at:

Terms & Conditions Changes

Reserving Your Trip

  • Confirmation is required prior to boarding any reserved train/thruway bus.
  • Confirmations are allowed as early as 14 days prior to departure or as late as scheduled departure through or the mobile app, or until actual departure via an Amtrak agent.
  • Up to 2 confirmations per travel day, once in each direction.
  • Confirmations must be made between the origin and destination selected while purchasing the pass.
  • Not available on sold out trains.
  • Rides will continue to be deducted from your Multi-Ride ticket when the ticket is scanned on board.  Amtrak RideReserveSM confirmations do not deduct rides from your multi ride ticket.
  • Passengers with a disability, customers who want to upgrade and customers who want to carry on additional items will continue to book a reservation through an agent.
  • Applies to customers that purchased Multi-Ride tickets prior to and after September 14.

Canceling Your Trip

  • Confirmations may be canceled through, the Mobile App or an Amtrak agent until actual departure without penalty.
  • Current Multi-Ride refund rules will continue to apply.

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Amtrak Multi-Ride eTicket for New York State Government Travelers

Amtrak offers a Multi-Ride eTicket for government travelers from the Albany or Hudson station to New York/Penn Station. View information on Amtrak Single Ticket Rates and Rules.

Rules & Conditions

Eligible Users: Only New York State government employees traveling on official state government business may purchase and use this ticket. Valid State Government ID is required for purchase and during travel.

Fixed Number of Rides: Valid for six (6), one-way rides. Reservations are not needed or permitted.

Fare Rules: $336 - for six (6) coach rides between the qualifying city pairs listed below. This ticket is valid on all trains, except the Lake Shore Limited (trains 48/49). Upgrading to business class in not allowed under this fare plan. Discounts (e.g. AAA, senior citizen, etc.) are not allowed. Fares are subject to change.

  • Albany/Rensselaer - New York/Penn Station
  • Hudson - NewYork/Penn Station
  • Yonkers - Hudson
  • Yonkers - Albany/Rensselaer
  • Croton-Harmon - Albany/Rensselaer

If the passenger using a Multi-Ride eTicket wants to board before the originating city on the ticket or beyond the destination city, a separate ticket must be purchased for the travel segment(s) not covered by the Multi-Ride eTicket at the fare currently being charged for the additional travel segment(s).

Ticket Validity Period: 90 days from the date on the ticket.

Typically, the ticket is valid for travel for 90 days following the purchase date. However, you can specify a different start date. For example, if you purchased a Multi-Ride eTicket on June 1, you could request a starting travel date of July 1. This ticket would then be valid from July 1 for a period of 90 days. In all cases, the ticket will not be valid after the 90 day period expires.

How and Where to Buy
  • Tickets must be purchased in person by the person traveling at the following train stations: Albany/Rensselaer (ALB), Hudson (HUD), New York-Penn (NYP).
  • A NYS Government ID must be presented when purchasing the ticket.
  • Multi-Ride eTickets may not be purchased at, travel agencies, or on the train.
Guidelines for Ticket Use
  • The Multi-Ride eTicket can only be used by the person whose name is printed on the ticket.
  • The passenger must possess a New York State Government ID during travel.
  • The Multi-Ride eTicket must be presented to the train conductor upon request. The conductor's eTicketing mobile scanner is programmed to detect Multi-Ride eTickets and will reject the ticket if presented on a train for which it is not valid.
  • The conductor's eTicketing mobile scanner validates the ticket and deducts one ride from the ticket every time you travel. If you think a ride was deducted in error, contact the Amtrak Customer Support Desk to adjust the number of remaining rides on the ticket.
  • Do not laminate your Multi-Ride eTicket. Laminating it will cause problems with the conductor's mobile scanner.
Lost Tickets

All Multi-Ride tickets are eTickets. It is the passenger's responsibility to safeguard their ticket and reservation number. If the passenger loses the Multi-Ride eTicket document, another ticket may be printed by an Amtrak agent using the reservation number. However, if you do not know your reservation number, Amtrak cannot guarantee that the ticket will be found.

Refunds and Exchanges
  • If none of the rides are used, full refund, less a 25% administrative fee, exchange is allowed.
  • If one or more rides are taken, no refund or exchange is allowed.
Tracking Use of Tickets

Passengers can determine the use and number of remaining rides on the ticket by providing the reservation number to the following:

  • Albany/ Rensselaer, Hudson or New York-Penn station ticket agent
  • Amtrak customer service at 800-USA-RAIL
  • Train conductors
Amtrak Guest Rewards

Amtrak Guest Rewards (AGR) points are earned for Multi-Ride ticket purchases if the AGR member number is included when the ticket is purchased. Points are credited after the Multi-Ride ticket validity period has ended.