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1122 Program NYS Agency Participants

1122 Program NYS Agency Participants

New York State Agencies who are PSA-certified must ensure that the products to be purchased are not available, or not available in the quantities needed from Preferred Sources or NYS Centralized Awards.

New York State Agencies may make GSA eBuy purchases ONLY. New York State Agencies making purchases over $50,000 must follow New York State Procurement Law §139-d, §139-j, and §139-k. Refer to 1122D: State Agency Purchasing Requirements. All purchases over $50,000 must be forwarded to your designated payment office for review and payment. After you receive your Public Safety Agency certification letter(s) from the SPOC, follow these steps to place your order.


Place Your Order
Step 1

Identify your needs, secure funding, ensure that purchases comply with funding guidelines, and develop specifications using the 1122 Program Equipment and Supplies Catalog. New York State guidelines may differ from those in the GSA Catalog.

  • You must contact prospective GSA vendors directly for questions about supplies and equipment provided.


Step 2

It is required that you establish a GSA eBuy Advantage account before making your first purchase. GSA eBuy is where you will develop specifications and where you must upload quote requests.


Step 3

Complete the appropriate request form and submit electronically to [email protected].

  • For Purchases under $50,000 complete 1122A: GSA Purchase Authorization Request.
  • For Purchases over $50,000 complete the 1122F: State Agency Quote Request form.
  • Complete and submit Attachment 1 (within the 1122 Quote Request form) to the SPOC.
  • Attachment 2 (within the 1122 Quote Request form) should be completed by the GSA vendor and submitted in accordance with step 5.
Step 4

The 1122 Program SPOC will review your request.

Approved requests for purchases both over and under $50,000 (refer to form 1122D: Requirements):

Denied requests require revision and resubmission. A denial may occur for any one of the following reasons:

  • Insufficient order or vendor justification,
  • Incomplete or inaccurate information, or
  • Failure to submit 1122C: Usage Report for previous 1122 Program purchases.


Step 5

Upon secured funding, quote selection, and SPOC approval, agencies are reminded to follow your procedures to submit your completed packet (approved forms, Letters of Approval, quotes, and all related documents as outlined above) for purchases over $50,000 to the following:

  • Office of General Services Business Services Center (BSC) — if your procedures require it, forward completed packets to the BSC for processing.
  • Office of the New York State Comptroller (OSC) — forward completed packets to the OSC for final approval and payment.


Step 6

Within 30 days of purchase, complete form 1122C: Usage Report and submit with a copy of your purchase order to [email protected]. If necessary, fill out 1122E: Procurement Record Checklist for your agency records.


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