Utilities workers inspect boiler inside commercial operation.

Plant Utilities Engineer 1

Qualifications Needed

No college degree is required if you have at least four years of commercial or residential HVAC experience.  You can also apply with certain qualified military experience, successful completion of a BOCES  or technical school program, completion of a recognized apprentice program or a bachelor’s degree.  Get a full list of minimum qualifications. 

Job Duties


  • Experienced in the operation, maintenance, and repair of mechanical and electrical equipment, including those that provide:


          Hot water


          Air conditioning

          Electrical distribution

  • Someone who enjoys thinking on your feet, tackling field investigations, and troubleshooting repairs
  • Interested in a hands-on position that presents new and diverse challenges daily 
  • Ready to expand your career working for New York State


  • Operate, maintain, troubleshoot, repair, test, and calibrate mechanical and electrical equipment providing heat, hot water, ventilation, air conditioning, direct digital and analog control systems, and electrical distribution
  • Make recommendations on major overhauls and replacement of equipment
  • Identify, recommend, and develop energy conservation projects
  • Supervise staff in the operation and maintenance of heating facilities and mechanical equipment
  • Supervise contractors on projects or in emergency situations
  • Assume responsibility for operations of the overall physical plant
  • Use computer programs to manage your work
  • Work nights, weekends, and holidays based on shift assignment and operational needs

Apply Now

OGS is always accepting applications for these positions. If you are interested, you only need to follow three easy steps:

  • Fill out the application form for the position 
  • Fill out the questionnaire that asks you to provide information about your work experience and education.  
  • Email the completed application, questionnaire, and a copy of your resume to [email protected]. In the subject line of the email, be sure to reference the job vacancy number that is located on the application.

You can also mail the completed application, questionnaire, and resume to :
Plant Utilities Assistant
Human Resources
New York State Office of General Services
Corning Tower, ESP, 31st Floor
Albany, NY 12242

If you have questions about the application questionnaire, please EMAIL or call us at (518) 473-5282.

What to expect after you apply

Your application questionnaire will be reviewed and scored based on the type of experience that you have. Once your application questionnaire has been scored, you will receive a message from OGS letting you know whether your score meets the requirements for the position. Applicants who have scores that meet the requirements will be considered for open positions.

Based on the number of applications received, OGS anticipates reviewing applications on a quarterly basis.

If you have questions email [email protected] or call us at (518) 473-5282