Apply for Medical Parking

Medical parking permits are issued to employees who have completed an application form and submitted a written statement from their doctor.

Forms may be obtained from and submitted to Agency Parking Coordinators.

All Medical Parking applications are reviewed by the OGS Medical Parking Review Committee, and some applicants may be required to have an interview with an Employee Health Services Nurse.

Spaces are assigned on a case by case basis.

Reserved Parking and Blue Tags

Reserved Parking

There is an important distinction between reserved and non-reserved medical permits. Only applicants approved for reserved medical parking can park in medical reserved spaces, which are assigned by number and provided to specific permit holders. If you are not provided a reserved space number you have not been permitted to park in a medically reserved space and can park in a space in the general area of your assigned location.

Blue Tags

Blue tags are not accepted in OGS permitted employee parking facilities. You must apply for and be granted an OGS-issued Medical Parking permit to park in Medical Parking locations. Holder of blue handicapped tags may park in medical reserved spaces in the Visitor Lots but not in OGS permitted lots or spaces.

Permit Expiration, Extensions, and Service-based Parking

Permit Expiration and Extensions

OGS Parking will notify you one month prior to the expiration of your Medical Parking Permit. At this time, you may submit another application, with documentation, for an extension or return to your former parking permit location.

Competing for Service-Based Parking

While maintaining medical parking status, you will be unable to compete to change your fallback or permanent parking permit location. Because all permits awarded through the Employee Parking Profile (EPP) process are for "unreserved" spaces in the assigned lot, you should select "I choose to stay in my current lot" on your EPP.

Within 30 days of your Medical Permit expiration, you may compete for the parking of your choice through the EPP based on your Parking Service Date. Once you are awarded a service-based permit, you must surrender your Medical Permit.

Appeals Process

The appeal process is handled by OGS's Medical Parking Permit Appeals Committee made up of senior managers at OGS and Employee Health Service who review appeals. If you wish to file an appeal, you must submit a second application package including additional documentation from your medical provider to justify your request.