View of the Elk Street parking lot.

Lot: Elk Street

Lot: Elk Street

Lot Type: Surface
Number of Spaces: 421
Location: Entrances to the Elk Street lot are at the corner of South Swan Street & Elk Street, and off Spruce Street, east of Lark Street.
OGS Attendant: On duty from 6 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Pedestrian Information: This lot is within walking distance to One Commerce Plaza, Alfred E. Smith Building, and the State Education Building and Annex.
Additional Information:

  • Parking Rates
  • This lot contains double parking spaces, by parking in those spaces you will have to leave your keys with the attendant, in case your car is blocking one that needs to leave. Elk Street lot is also a visitor parking lot.

Shuttle Service: No