Parking Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get into the system?
All employees working in a downtown Albany building can complete an Employee Parking Profile (EPP). A NYSEmplID is required to complete the EPP. Contact your agency human resources representative to expedite receiving your NYSEmpID.
How do I access my Employee Parking Profile?

It’s easy! Open My Employee Parking Profile and you will be prompted through the system. Have the following ready before you begin:

  • NYS Employee ID number (found on your paystub)
  • driver’s license number
  • license plate numbers

Once in, you may update your preferred lot choice, edit license plates associated with your permit, authorize payroll deductions, and update contact information.

I don’t have an N-Number or NYS EmpID, how do I complete my profile?
If you work for HRI, HTFC, ESDC, NHT, HRVG or EFC, your agency has a separate portal for you to enter and complete the Employee Parking Profile. You are in no way disadvantaged by not having an N-number and will compete equally with all other state employees. If you’re having trouble accessing the profile, please contact your Agency Parking Coordinator who should be able to offer additional guidance.
How are permits assigned?
All permits available for general parking are awarded by patron preference and parking service date. The individuals with the oldest parking service dates will be offered permits first in the lots they select, based on availability.
What if I am offered a space in my preferred lot and turn it down?
In an effort to maximize opportunity for all downtown employees, the new system includes a declination policy. Employees may decline their preferred lot once in a six month period. Upon a second declination, employees will be unable to compete for the lot they have declined for 6 months but may pursue parking elsewhere. Employees are encouraged to change their preference to a different lot after they have declined their current preference.
I have a motorcycle, how do I park?
Use your Employee Parking Profile (EPP) to list the license plate of your motorcycle as one of your three approved vehicles. We do not require you to display your hangtag on the motorcycle itself.
Please note we do not offer motorcycle-only permits.
Where do I park on my first day?
Welcome, you have a few options. If your agency has not offered accommodation, you can park in
one of the OGS operated visitor lots and pay the prevailing rate until you are issued an NYS Emplid and can complete a profile. Your supervisor/HR office should be able to assist you in this process. You can also apply through your hiring agency for the New Employee Temporary Parking Program. This program allows new employees brand new to state service to park in one of the commuter lots until they acquire their NYS Emplid and complete a profile. Simply fill out this form and have it approved by your agency and send on to OGS for processing. Please note there are limits on the number of renewals as it should only take a brand new employee a maximum of 3 pay periods to get their NYS Emplid.
I was on leave (maternity, military, etc.)/returning from probation; how can I get parking?
All employees going on approved maternity and military leave are guaranteed the parking they have obtained when they return as long as leave does not result in separation. In addition, employees returning to agencies during their probationary period are also guaranteed the parking they were issued at the time of their original cancellation.
What if my agency or other information is wrong in my profile?
If the information in your profile is incorrect or is outdated, please notify OGS Parking via email at [email protected]. Depending on the nature of the problem, we may be able to update your information quickly. In some cases, employees are required to update information themselves.
How many times can I change lots?
There is no limit on how many times you can change your preference on your Employee Parking Profile or how many times you can accept a permit award based on your selection. 
Does selection of a different lot as my preference cancel my current permit?
Selecting a new lot or garage will have no effect on your current permit, until you accept a permit that is offered to you. At that time you will exchange your existing hangtag for your new one.
I have employees who do not have access to a computer.
Any employee without direct computer access will need to speak to their supervisor, so they can access the Employee Parking Profile.
I am an Agency Parking Coordinator. What is my role in medical parking?
As an agency parking coordinator, you will be asked to verify the completeness of applications submitted for medical parking and to inform applicants' supervisors that an application has been filed. You will also be responsible for submitting the completed package to OGS Parking. However, agency coordinators will not be asked to make judgments of any kind regarding the appropriateness of the requested accommodation.
How does payroll deduction work?
All patrons are required to use payroll deduction to remit payment for parking fees. Payroll deduction is included in your EPP including terms and conditions.
I don't want to be payroll deducted.
The only method state employees have to remit payment to OGS for parking fees is through payroll deduction which is a feature in the EPP. 
How do I cancel my permit and payroll deduction?
Please use the Cancelation of Payroll Deduction form to initiate the cancellation process. If you are parking in a location where OGS has issued you a physical hangtag, you will be required to return the hangtag to finalize the cancellation process.
I’m an OSC employee and want to park in the 110 Garage. How does it work?
Only OSC employees are eligible to park in the 110 State Street Garage. In your EPP, all employees should see a 110 State Street Garage (OSC only) option. Permits are awarded based on availability and Parking Service Date. For more information, please contact the Agency Parking Coordinator.
I’m not an OSC employee but want to park in the 110 Garage. How does it work?
Only OSC employees are eligible to park in the 110 State Street Garage. While all employees may see 110 State Garage as an option in the preferred lot list, only OSC employees will be contacted for permitting.
What does the word ‘BASE’ or letters ‘BS’ mean that I see next to my parking preference?

‘BASE’ or the letters “BS” are simply intended to distinguish individual permits from carpool permits. If the employee’s intent is to choose a standard, individual permit in a given parking facility (Ex. East Garage would appear as ‘EPGBS’), then he or she has successfully completed the process by making this selection and there is no cause for additional action.

Please also note the email you receive confirming completion of the Employee Parking Profile may also include the phrase ‘BASE’ or acronym ‘BS’.

Why did the Status Report change?
The Status Report (SR) reports the estimated parking service date required to obtain a permit in a given lot based on the Employee Parking Profiles completed at the time the Status Report is created. It will change frequently as employee preferences change. We urge patrons to visit and re-visit the Status Report when OGS announces that permits are available.
How do I know if I have enough time in state service to be eligible for my preferred lot?

Refer to the Status Report to see the projected minimum service dates needed to secure a permit in each lot. These dates will change often as applicants update their EPP parking preferences. OGS will update the Status Report on an announced schedule. 

If you want parking regardless of lot, OGS strongly encourages you to select a lot that you have more than enough service to acquire a permit in.

How can I get to my state vehicle without access to the lot the vehicle is parked in?
Agencies are offered the opportunity to purchase Special Use passes designed to address this situation. In the event that an employee needs to access a lot where a state vehicle is located, a special use pass will grant you access and will serve as your permit for the day. Fleet vehicles will have access automatically through the permitting process. These two access instruments provide employees with the ability to access state vehicles and accommodate their personal vehicles.
My agency has contractors/consultants, what can I offer them?
Contractors/consultants cannot compete with state employees and cannot be issued permits through agency setaside. A comprehensive non-state employee policy is in place. Please call OGS at 474-8118 for further assistance.
As a Contract Employee, am I eligible for OGS Parking?

Contract employees cannot compete with state employees for OGS Parking. A non-state employee parking policy was developed in conjunction with the relaunch. Please call Parking Management at 474-8118  or email for further assistance.

See Memorandum for Non-State Employee Parking Hangtags.

What if I move to another agency?
The parking system allows you to keep your current parking permit if you switch between state agencies in Downtown Albany. If your new position requires a change in building location, you can update your lot preference inside your Employee Parking Profile (EPP) and compete in the next available round of permit issuance.
As an hourly worker, am I eligible for OGS Parking?
Yes. If you work in one of the downtown buildings listed under work location in the EPP, you are eligible for parking based on your parking service date.
What if I am happy where I park and do not want to change?
If you are happy with your current parking,  there is no need to change. The only thing you need to do is review your Employee Parking Profile (EPP) online and select 'I choose to stay in my current parking'. Then you’re done!  If you ever want to change your parking in the future, you can log in to the system and update your EPP any time, 24/7.
I’m a non-state employee and can’t access my profile. What are my options? 
Non-state employees are unable to compete with state employees for parking in the new system. However, a new non-state employee parking policy has been developed in conjunction with re-launch. Please call Parking Management at 474-8118 for further assistance. See Non-State, Vendor & Media Parking Permit Application (