Downtown Albany Employee Parking System and Navigator Overview

Parking System Overview

Please note that it is critical that employees reflect updated and current contact information in their Employee Parking Profiles in order to ensure that they receive timely information, including permit offers. Permit offers are sent via profile holders’ email, so please be sure to include a valid email address.


Mission Statement:

The primary goal of the OGS Employee Parking System is to provide a fair and equitable platform by which state employees can review, assess, and make educated choices as to which parking facility is best suited to their needs and attainable by their state service seniority. The system places the power in the hands of the employee by providing real time data such as number of spaces available and the Parking Service Date required to obtain a parking permit in each available location. It is through the system’s tenets of seniority and preference, and by use of the tools provided to its users, that OGS strives to achieve its ultimate goal of providing parking options for all state employees who wish to pursue them.

It is important to note that participation in the OGS Employee Parking Program is voluntary, and that employees can enroll or cancel membership at any time.

Employee Parking Profile:

The Employee Parking Profile (EPP) is the key that unlocks the OGS Employee Parking System. By creating an EPP employees now have the ability to select a parking location preference that suits their particular needs and is within the scope of their Parking Service Date.    

Parking Service Date:

Seniority is one of the major cornerstones of the OGS Employee Parking System. It is through employee seniority that we ensure equity and fairness in the issuance of parking permits. Your Parking Service Date (PSD) is the driving factor in your eligibility for the parking locations offered. An employee’s PSD is based on the most generous standard possible; all state service (less breaks of 1 year or more) combined to generate one all-inclusive date. It is that date which employees use to ascertain eligibility and identify attainable locations which coincide with their years of service. The parking facility eligibility dates are provided on the Status Report.       

Status Report:

Status Reports are updated and posted on the Monday of the week in which the round of parking permit issuance is announced. The Status Report will reflect number of spaces available by location, and projected permit eligibility dates based on current employee parking preferences. Two subsequent updated Status Reports will be posted on the Wednesday and Friday of that same week, reflecting updates to eligibility dates impacted by employee preference changes made in their Employee Parking Profiles.

Parking Permit Offers – Rounds of Permit Issuance:

After the Updated Status Report is posted, the following Monday emailed parking permit offers will be sent to employees whose Parking Service Dates fall within those required in the location they have chosen as their preferred lot. (In cases in which a Monday falls on a state holiday, offers will be extended on the following workday.) Dates of the rounds of parking permit issuance and updated Status Reports are announced on the OGS Parking Management website.

Employees on Leave:

Employees planning to be on leave the week OGS begins extending permit offers should contact their Agency Parking Coordinators to grant them permission to accept or decline an offer on their behalf.

Declination Policy:

It is important to note that failure to respond to permit offers within the specified timeframe of 3 business days will be recorded as a ‘declination.’ Two declinations for the same location will disqualify the employee from competing for a permit in that specific parking facility for 6 months.

“I Choose to Stay in My Current Parking”:

Employees who are happy with their current parking situation are encouraged to choose the first preference in the drop-down preference list, “I choose to stay in my current parking”. This will prevent employees from receiving unwanted permit offers and will expedite OGS’s ability to reach eligible and interested employees more quickly.

Navigator Overview

Welcome to Navigator!

The New York State Office of General Services has partnered with the Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) to provide a faster, smarter, and greener way for state employees to travel around the Capital Region. The Navigator smart card unlocks your access to CDTA’s entire transit network and the accompanying benefits. Below are some answers to commonly asked questions to help you start Navigating with CDTA.

Where can I pick up my Navigator card?

Your Navigator card can be picked up at your permitted parking location if you park in the following OGS facilities:

  • 80 Broadway, Menands
  • McCarty Avenue Parking Lot
  • Water Street Parking Lot, B-Lot Booth

All other permit holders in eligible locations can pick up their Navigator cards at the OGS Parking Management Office, Room 144, Concourse level, ESP, Albany NY, 12242

Where can I use my Navigator card?

The Navigator card gives eligible state employees unlimited access to CDTA’s entire route network. You can board any CDTA bus, anywhere, at any time. This includes all regular bus service as well as BusPlus (Route 905).

Find more information about CDTA schedules or to plan your next trip using one of the following options:

  • Download the CDTA Navigator App available for iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Download the Transit App available for iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Visit CDTA’s website at or call CDTA’s customer service center at (518) 482-8822
  • Use Google Maps on your mobile device or desktop computer.

The current CDTA services NOT INCLUDED in this program are Northway Xpress (NX), STAR (Paratransit) and Flex (On Demand). These services will require an alternative form of payment if you decide to ride. 

How to tap the Navigator card on the bus?

Simply place your Navigator card on top of the farebox CENTERED, FLAT and TOUCHING the smart card reader. The reader will turn green if the card is accepted, or red if the card is not recognized.


Image of the CDTA Navigator card being swiped at one of the CDTA terminals.



Who is eligible for the Navigator card and the transit benefit that it provides?

OGS permit holders in targeted peripheral lots which provide shuttle service are eligible for CDTA Navigator Cards at no additional cost. The Navigator card is the property of New York State Office of General Services and can only be used by the employee it was issued to.

How should I take care of my card?

Navigator card is a durable smart card that should last for years if cared for properly. Make sure not to punch holes or bend the card. You can keep your Navigator card in your wallet or ID holder however, other cards may interfere with its acceptance on the bus. For best results, take the Navigator card out and tap it to the farebox directly.

Can I simply show my state ID to board the bus?

State IDs will NOT be accepted for boarding CDTA buses. Make sure to tap your Navigator card to receive your ride.

Can I use the Navigator mobile app instead of the Navigator card?

At this time, the plastic Navigator smart card is the only available option for this specific program. Other options might be available in the future.

I already have a personal Navigator card, can I combine two cards into one?

At this time, you will need to continue maintaining any personal Navigator card balance on a separate card.

What if my Navigator card is lost?

Permit holders who lose their Navigator Card can request a new card by contacting the OGS parking by email at [email protected] or by phone at (518) 474-8118.

Is there any charge for the Navigator card (new or replacement)?

There is currently no fee assessed to the permit holder for lost a Navigator Card. When replacement cards are issued, cards reported lost will be deactivated and flagged by the bus company.

What if my Navigator card is not working?

Permit holders whose Navigator Card ceases to be operational can request a new card by contacting the OGS parking by email at [email protected] or by phone at (518) 474-8118. There is NO charge for a non-working Navigator Card if the non-working card is returned to OGS Parking.

What if I retire or leave my job with New York State?

Upon leaving your job with New York State, please, return your Navigator card to the same office where you received it. This will allow us to re-use cards and reduce waste. If we do not receive your card, it will be automatically deactivated.