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NYS Vehicle Marketplace

Purchase or lease of new Class 1 - 8 vehicles.
How to Use the Vehicle Marketplace
For Executive Agencies

A process flowchart illustrating how to use the vehicle marketplace.

“Executive Agency(ies)” shall mean all State departments, offices or institutions but, for the purposes of this IFB, excludes the State University of New York and excludes City University of New York. Furthermore, such term shall not include the legislature and the judiciary. For the sake of clarity, the term “Executive Agency” does not include any public benefit corporation, public authority, or local government entity.

For Non-Executive Agencies

Process flowchart for how to use the vehicle marketplace.

Funding for EV, PHEV, or Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Purchases


Purchases of Zero-Emission Vehicles may be eligible for funding through the following programs:

Award 23166
Vehicles, Class 1 – 8 (Statewide)