November 2, 2022

RL-220: Fuel Oil, Heating (Grades #2 B5, #4 B5, Kerosene, & Bioheating Fuel)

RL-220: Fuel Oil, Heating (Grades #2 B5, #4 B5, Kerosene, & Bioheating Fuel)
Contract Period: 9/01/2023 – 9/3/2025
Fuel Requirement Submittal Guidelines

When submitting your agency’s/building’s fuel requirements, please pay close attention to the following: 

1. Make sure your contact information is current

Please review the information associated with your delivery site and update it, if necessary. Include anything that is missing (including phone numbers and e-mail addresses) and remove information of any person who no longer works at the delivery site. If there are issues with your filing or in awarding a contract for your county, Procurement Services will be unable to contact you if the information is out of date, which could result in your requirements being omitted from the delivery schedule and the final award. 

2. Make sure information for tanks, requirements and locations is accurate. 

3. All required volumes must be submitted in GALLONS

4. Enter only one year (12 months) volume for each type of fuel you require. 

        Fuel Type Options: (each fuel type will be TW or MT) 
        Kerosene (does not use TW or MT)
        #2 B5, distillate fuel oil 
        #4 B5, heavy distillate fuel oil 

  • 2 B5 & 4 B5 (MT) Motor Transport delivery is over 5,500 gallons one time into one tank. 
  • 2 B5 & 4 B5 (TW) Tank Wagon delivery is less than 5,500 gallons at one time into one tank 
  • 2 B5, 4 B5 & B10 & B20 denotes the ratio of Fuel Oil to soy content. Examples are B5 is 95% petroleum and 5% soy, and B10 is 90% petroleum and 10% soy etc. 

5. Please explain any special delivery requirement (e.g., gallons per week or month, extra-long hose required due to location of tank, hose over water delivery, hours of delivery, etc.). 

6. Please indicate if tanks are underground, vendor supplied, agency owned, or for a vehicle fueling station. 

7. Please print a copy of your confirmation page for your records. 

By filing your fuel requirements, you are giving consent to OGS Procurement Services to award contracts on behalf of your facility for the full contract period. 

Please note: Once your requirements have been submitted, your agency is obligated to purchase its required fuel from the fuel vendor that is awarded a contract for that fuel type and delivery location. YOU MUST NOT ENTER INTO ANY OTHER CONTRACT FOR AWARDED FUEL TYPES DURING THE FULL CONTRACT PERIOD. 

For assistance, please contact OGS Customer Services at [email protected].

Please submit your requirements no later than December 2, 2022. 

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