April 3, 2017
Albany, NY

Road Salt & Treated Salt Requirement Letter No. 203

RL-203: Road Salt & Treated Salt
Group 01800 – Road Salt & Treated Salt - Types 1 & 2
Contract Period: 9/1/2017 - 8/31/2018

If you plan on using the OGS contract for road salt or treated salt, please submit your requirements online by May 1, 2017 at https://online.ogs.ny.gov/psgfiledrequirements/default.aspx. You will need your username and password for the filing system. If you no longer have a username, you will need to create a new filing account.

To register for the system, you will need your OGS Customer ID number. If you do not know your OGS Customer ID number, you may contact Procurement Services Customer Services at (518)-474-6717 or cus[email protected] to obtain your OGS Customer ID number.

If you do not currently have an OGS Customer ID number, you will need to contact Customer Services to register for one.

Before you submit your requirements, please note the following:

  • The minimum annual requirement is 22 tons (44,000 lbs.).
  • You are obligated to purchase at least 70% of your filed requirement, or 50% of your requirement if an awarded county is for solar salt.
  • You are guaranteed delivery up to 150% of your filed requirement.
  • Ordered quantities over 120% of the filed requirement will be subject to a 10% price increase.
  • Ordered quantities over 130% of the filed requirement will be subject to a 15% increase.

Requirements must be submitted no later than May 1, 2017.

You will not be guaranteed delivery unless you file your requirements during the filing period. Incomplete or late submissions may result in exclusion from this year’s contract.

Once your requirements have been submitted, please print a copy of the confirmation page for your records.

For assistance, please contact OGS Customer Services at (518) 474-6717 or email to [email protected].

If you receive the following error message when logging in or creating an account, please see pages 2 &3 for instructions.

Error message: Your session has expired. Redirecting you to the OGS public site.


There is a known compatibility issue between the online database and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Please complete the following steps before contacting Customer Services for assistance:

  1. In Internet Explorer, click on Compatibility View Settings found under the Tools menu near the top of the browser (see image below).


Image of dropdown with arrow pointing to Compatibility View settings


  1. In the box that pops up, type ny.gov in the field under Add This Website and click the Add button located to the right of the field. The web address will now appear in the box labeled Websites you’ve added to Compatibility View. Click the Close button in the lower right corner of the box (see image below).
Screenshot of a dialog box on changing the compatibility settings.




  1. Proceed to the OGS Filed Commodity Requirements Homepage and attempt to log in with the existing username and password. Please note that both the username and password are case sensitive. If the username or password are invalid, a new filing account will need to be made with a new username and password. Click on Create a New Filing Account and follow all instructions.

The online database is OGS’ primary collection tool for the filed requirements and authorized users are requested to make every effort to submit requirements via the online database; however, if you are still experiencing problems filing requirements after attempting the above steps or if you are unable to file requirements via a Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox web browser, please contact Customer Services at (518)-474-6717 or [email protected].

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