July 3, 2019

Hotel Destination/Resort Fees, CL-862

Hotel Destination/Resort Fees, CL-862
Hotel Destination/Resort Fees May Affect the Hotel Per Diem Rate

OGS Contacts:

Mark Milstein, Statewide Travel Coordinator | 518-402-5005 | [email protected]


The Office of General Services (OGS) would like you to be aware that some New York City hotels now include Destination or Resort Fees in their rates which may affect the hotel per diem rate. A Destination or Resort Fee is a separate mandatory fee that a guest is charged by the hotel in addition to the base room rate.  These fees may not be widely advertised and they may not appear until later in the booking process.

When you make hotel reservations please pay close attention to both the rates and the terms. This is good practice regardless of where the hotel is located.

If you have questions contact the hotel directly or the OGS contracted Travel Agency, Direct Travel/Child Travel, at 518-292-9000 or 1-800-774-0655 before reserving the hotel.

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