September 9, 2022

CL-890: Citibank N.A. Contract Expires October 6, 2022

CL-890: Citibank N.A. Contract Expires October 6, 2022
Group #: 79008
Purchasing, Travel and NET Card Services (Statewide)
Contact Information

Mark Milstein, Statewide Travel Coordinator
[email protected]


Please be advised the above referenced contract with Citibank N.A. is due to expire on October 6, 2022. On Friday, October 7th, Citibank N. A. will deactivate all cards.

Please plan accordingly, this includes, but is not limited to, tasks such as ensuring physical possession of the new card under the replacement agreement (see below) prior to the deactivation date of the current card, activating your new card, and arranging for the transfer of recurring charges to the new card. There will be no contract extensions after the cards are deactivated and any attempts to place charges on cards after October 6, 2022, will be declined.

The replacement contract with JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A. is at: OGS Authorized Users should refer to the how to use document at:

All other terms and conditions remain unchanged.