March 1, 2021


Diesel - Filed Requirements for 2021 – 2023
GROUP #: 05602
05602 – Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel & Biodiesel (On-Road Use Only)

Megan Li                    518-473-8859        [email protected]
Customer Services    518-474-6717        [email protected]

The period for filing requirements for 2021-2023 is now open for all counties statewide for the following fuel:

  • RL-214: Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel and Biodiesel (On-Road Use Only) (August 27, 2021 – August 24, 2023) 

If you plan on using the OGS contract, please submit your requirements online by Wednesday, March 31, 2021 at:

You will need your username and password to enter the Filed Requirements System. If you have not filed before and do not know your agency’s OGS Customer ID number, you may contact Procurement Services Customer Services at 518-474-6717 or [email protected] to obtain it. 

If you do not currently have an OGS Customer ID number, you will need to contact Customer Services to register for one.

The filing of your fuel requirements will be considered authority for OGS Procurement Services to award contracts for these requirements for the full contract period, including any renewals. Once your requirements have been submitted, your agency is obligated to purchase its required fuel from the fuel vendor that is awarded a contract for that delivery location. You must not enter into any other contract during the full contract period.  
When submitting your agency/building’s fuel requirements, please refer to the “Fuel Requirement Submittal Guidelines” (RL-214) and:

  • Make sure to update your contact information.
  • Your requirement should cover the volume of fuel your facility is expected to use in one (1) year.
  • List all volume requirements in gallons.
  • Once requirements have been submitted, please print a copy of the confirmation page for your records.

Please Note: Although requirements may be requested, bids and awards for all requirements may not be made.

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