August 12, 2020

CL-876: Federal Funding Agency Terms and Conditions

Revised Jan. 11, 2021
Federal Funding Agency Mandatory Terms and Conditions for Procurements

Authorized users that may want to seek federal funds from the federal funding agencies for the purchase of goods or services during a declared disaster are advised that federal funding agencies require particular terms and conditions be included in the contract for those goods and services. For the convenience of authorized users, those terms and conditions are set out below and can also be found at the FEMA website.

Authorized users of statewide contracts should consider adding this language to future purchase orders and secondary level competitions (often referred to as RFQs or mini- bids), unless the language is already attached to the statewide contract. State agencies making purchases to respond to disasters through a vehicle other than a centralized contract are required by Section H.6. of Budget Bulletin H-501R to include these and other terms into their contracts using the Appendix set forth in the Budget Bulletin.


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Revised January 11, 2021


    CL 876

    Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Terms and Conditions for Procurements

    Revised January 11, 2021