March 29, 2019
Albany, NY

1122 Public Safety Procurement Program, CL-861

CL-861, 1122 Public Safety Procurement Program
New York State 1122 Program for State Agencies

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Procurement Services is pleased to announce the recent expansion of the New York State 1122 Program to include New York State Agencies. This federal program allows authorized state and local governments to purchase equipment and supplies in support of counter-drug, homeland security, and emergency response activities.

New York’s 1122 Program is currently open to any unit of state and local government that has as part of its mission a requirement to enforce anti-drug laws, provide education activities related to counter-drug efforts, or is involved in homeland security or emergency response. This includes police departments, fire departments, public health, public works, and emergency services.

Entities interested in participating are encouraged to submit their Certification Request Letter according to the requirements outlined on the New York State Procurement 1122 Program webpage under “Get Certified”.

Please visit  the 1122 Program today for additional information.

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