May 8, 2018

Advisory P-Card Processing Fees, CL # 850

CL-850, Advisory P-Card Processing Fees

To All Authorized Users of NYS OGS Centralized Contracts:


OGS Procurement Services has been advised that some Contractors/Resellers have been charging OGS Contract Users a processing fee associated with P-Card (credit card) purchases. Pursuant to the terms of OGS Centralized Contracts, Contract pricing is all-inclusive, unless separate charges are specifically authorized. Therefore, Contractors are not permitted to charge Authorized Users any fees associated with the use of P-Cards. Authorized Users are encouraged to review price quotes and invoices for these fees and if found, advise the Contractor that such fees are not authorized by the Contract and must be removed.


OGS reminds Authorized Users to review quotes and invoices carefully to ensure that all charges are authorized and applicable. If you encounter a quote or invoice with fees not authorized by the OGS Contract being used, please bring the matter to the attention of the OGS Contract Manager.