February 15, 2018
Albany, NY

ACH Advisory for Vendors, CL #846

CL-846, ACH Advisory for Vendors
Electronic Payment Requirement

All Office of General Service (OGS) centralized contracts dated June 2014 or later contain Appendix B, which requires vendors to accept payments electronically in accordance with the State Comptroller’s electronic payment procedures. All vendors should ensure they are registered to be paid electronically, or risk a delay in receiving payments from New York State.

Vendors not currently receiving electronic payments should enroll in ePayment – New York State’s electronic payment program for vendors. To do so, vendors need to log onto the Vendor Self-Service Portal and enter their bank account information. ePayments will ensure you are receiving payments faster and in a more secure manner.

If you need assistance in accessing the Vendor Self-Service Portal, please contact the SFS Helpdesk.