March 29, 2017
Albany, NY

Vendor Self-Service Portal — SFS, CL 838

CL-838: Vendor Self-Service Portal — Statewide Financial System (SFS)
New Features in Vendor Self-Service Portal

New York State’s Financial System has new features for vendors that will assist with receiving Purchase orders and submitting invoices electronically.

Vendors are now able use the Vendor Self-Service Portal to:

  • Sign up to receive payments electronically from New York State;
  • Add email addresses to your Portal account so you can receive purchase orders through email. You choose where we send your POs if you manage your business with more than one email address; and
  • Complete an electronic invoicing agreement. The next business day you’ll be able to create and submit invoices to New York State in the Portal. If you prefer to send electronic invoices directly from your invoicing system to our financial system, please contact our vendor customer service experts at (518) 486-4602 or [email protected] to get started. Most State agencies will be able to issue electronic purchase orders from, and receive electronic invoices in, our financial system. See a list of these agencies at
  • In early April, you’ll be able to add multiple bank accounts to your Portal account. You choose where your payments are deposited electronically and you can update your banking information at any time. Changes will take effect the next business day.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the SFS Help Desk at (518) 457-7737 or (877) 737-4185. You can also email the help desk at [email protected].

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