July 28, 2016
Albany, NY

Awards of the Aggregate Hardware Buy 2016-17

CL-832: Awards of the Aggregate Hardware Buy 2016-17
Group #: 73600
Aggregate Hardware Buy 2016-17: Desktops, Notebooks, Tablets and Displays

The Office of General Services (OGS) is issuing this General Information Bulletin to provide authorized users with information regarding the tentative awards for the configurations from the 2016-17 Aggregate Hardware Buy to assist authorized users in planning their procurements upon finalization of the tentative awards. The following firms have received the tentative awards listed below:

Dell Marketing, L.P. HP, Inc.
Enterprise Notebook Convertible Tablet
Enterprise All-in-one Education/Entry Level Desktop
Unbundled Displays Education/Entry Level Notebook


OGS intends to issue another General Information Bulletin within the next 15 business days to advise authorized users when the awards have been finalized and purchasing can begin.


Set forth below are the configuration specifications for each of the tentative awards referenced above. The finalized awards for each configuration will include the additional options offered by each contractor.


Download the announcement for the configuration specifications.


Kelly Rothkopf | Team Leader | 518-486-1908 | [email protected]

Download the Announcement