August 1, 2016
Albany, NY

2016 – 2018 Web Based Gasoline & E-85 Filed Requirements

CL-831: 2016 – 2018 Web Based Gasoline & E-85 Filed Requirements
Gasoline and E-85

The period for filing requirements for December 2016-December 2018 is now open for Gasoline & E85 (RL-201) In the following counties ONLY:

  • Columbia
  • Schoharie
  • Hamilton
  • Richmond

If you plan on using the OGS contract for Gasoline and E85 in the listed counties, please submit your requirements online by August 29, 2016 at:

You will need your username and password for the filing system. If you don’t have it, you need to create a new filing account. To register for the system, you will need your OGS Customer ID number. If you do not know your OGS Customer ID number, you may contact Procurement Services Customer Services at 518-474-6717 or [email protected] to obtain your OGS Customer ID number. If you do not currently have an OGS Customer ID number, you will need to contact Customer Services to register for one.

When you submit your requirements:

  • Make sure to update your contact information, delivery location, and tank information.
  • Your requirement should cover the volume of fuel your facility is expected to use in a two (2) year period.
  • List all volume requirements in gallons.
  • Please include storage capacity, special delivery instructions, and billing information.
  • Once requirements have been submitted, please print a copy of the confirmation page for your records.

Please note: This file requirement is for the stated counties ONLY, any other file requirements will not be considered at this time.

It may not be feasible to procure certain fuel grades via statewide fuel procurement regardless of the submitted filed requirement in either standby or non-standby quantities. If a fuel grade is prohibited due to environmental or other regulations, or a fuel grade is underutilized or obsolete, Procurement Services reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove it from the scope of the statewide fuel procurement at any time prior to contract award.


OGS Contact: Jeffery Giocondo | 518-476-9621 | [email protected]

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