December 23, 2015
Albany, NY

Buy Desk Transfer, CL 822

CL-822: Buy Desk Transfer
Transfer of the Buy Desk from OGS Procurement Services to OGS Business Services Center (BSC)
BSC Buy Desk

The Business Services Center (BSC) and OGS Procurement Services are partnering to provide the best services possible to OGS customers by transferring the OGS Buy Desk from Procurement Services to the BSC effective January 1, 2016. The OGS Buy Desk is a centralized purchasing team established to achieve savings for agencies at the purchasing or transaction level. Consolidating the Buy Desk at the BSC will provide a single point of contact for agencies seeking purchasing advice or guidance.

The BSC Purchasing team will continue to provide purchasing guidance to agencies. In addition, with the transition of the OGS Buy Desk, current customers of the BSC should contact the OGS Buy Desk when making a technology related purchase that exceeds $20,000. Technology purchases include hardware, software and services such as programming and maintenance. The OGS Buy Desk will review the purchase request to:

  • Identify savings opportunities
  • Support agency negotiations
  • Improve pricing on individual purchases

OGS Procurement Services will be supporting the new BSC Buy Desk function by providing its technological and contracting expertise when needed. Since the BSC will be coordinating with OGS Procurement Services on items as appropriate, the process will be seamless to BSC customer agencies.

The BSC will be expanding its Buy Desk services in the future to include additional services based on feedback from customers.

If you have any questions, suggestions for additional services or if you would like to utilize the Buy Desk services, please contact the BSC Buy Desk at 518-408-7024 or via email at [email protected]

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